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61 Rwandan Genocide

This thing is already in the top tens though D:

62 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
63 2015 Mina Stampede
64 Bohol Earthquake
65 The Chernobyl Disaster

WHAT! Why isn't this in the top 10 the contaminated area won't be inhabitable for at least 300 years, come on people. The radiation fallout affected the whole of Europe. There's a reason it is called the 'Worst nuclear disaster in history'. - ShadowArceus736

This killed many people and left radiation to kill even more creatures, plus its super creepy

What the heck! So sad!

66 Khmer Rouge Regime

An entire nation set back decades and nearly two to three million human beings arbitrarily tortured to death, enslaved and starved for the sake of the sick Utopian ideals of a single despotic madman. An entire country transformed into what amounted to a concentration camp above ground and a mass grave bellow. What a pointless and brutal waste of human life.

67 Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

This was just so sad and terrible, her fans wanted to have fun seeing her perform, and that's what they got, death from a bomb.

I Feel Bad For The Ones Who Died, As Well As Those Who Survived And Ariana Herself - JPK



68 The 7/7 Attacks on London

This was so bad

How is this not in the top 10!? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This was a despeciable attack I was at school doing my work with my helper( I went to a special needs school) When I saw it on the news I was shocked

Gtg to the toilet

69 Orlando Nightclub Shooting

It was sad that so many people died in this shooting. People should think about this stuff instead of the creations of bad T.V. shows. There were so many cases of beloved one's deaths. - AnimeDrawer

Not as worse as the 3000 innocent people who lost their lives on 9/11, but we should still show our respect and sympathy for those 50 innocent LGBT people who lost their lives at the Orlando nightclub shooting. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Whoever said they deserve to die should go stick his face up a horses rear end.

Sick and twisted people

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70 Korean War (1950-53)
71 Cagayan de Oro Limketkai Bombing

Always thought my home city was safe. I was wrong.
Turns out, Mindanao is never safe.

72 When Peppa Pig First Aired

I hate Peppa but why is this on the list? - Neonco31

This show was horrible

Death to the pig and her family

Elmos world

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73 When Caillou First Aired

Foreal worst show ever!

F@%# caillou

74 Financial Crisis 2007
75 Queensland 2011 Floods

I live in Queensland and my house got flooded and 38 people died but I would not say that it's one of the saddest times in history

I'm very sorry to hear that,I'm sure that those 38 unfortunate lives are in heaven. - SamuiNeko

This catastrophe costed the government a lot of money, but the most traumatising event is obviously the deaths and lost homes.

I saw it, in a plane, it was awful. I am very sorry to those people who had loved ones lost.

so sad

76 Presidency of Duterte
77 Mindanao University of Science and Technology Gymnasium Fire Accident
78 Hurricane Irma

Dick in my ass

79 When Barney First Aired

He's the child of satan and everything evil thank you for bringing this monster to light

Not even God could have saved us...

I hate you you hate me we tied barney to a tree

The short-lived series about a British sheepdog?

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80 When Teen Titans Go First Aired

I Despise It As Much As The Next Person, But Was It Really Necessary To Put It Here? - JPK

This should be number 1! This show is worse than anything!

If you think TTG is a tragic event, go see an counselor, you may be nuts. TTG is bad but, the other things are worse

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