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61 2015 Mina Stampede
62 Virginia Tech Massacre

The worst American school shooting of all time, even worse than Sandy Hook. - nelsonerica

We really shouldn't even be ranking school shootings. They were all equally horrible because innocent children and adults were killed in all of them. - Doom

63 Bloody Sunday 1971

Oh, the horror! Sunday, bloody Sunday...

Sucks to be them, to say the very least.

64 Cultural Revolution (China)

The worst mass extermination in history and the tragedy on here with the highest recorded death toll alongside the Hundred Flowers Campaign that came before it, all for the success of one ruler and his political party. I can't believe the Holocaust got to the top of this list, let alone the African slave trade, which was an arrangement made by the Africans themselves.

65 Martial Law in Philippines
66 Typhoon Yolanda
67 Irish Slave Trade

Really, not many people know about the islamic slavers that came up to Ireland, captured people and sold them as slave to other moslems.

68 Rwandan Genocide

This thing is already in the top tens though D:

69 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
70 Bohol Earthquake
71 The Chernobyl Disaster

WHAT! Why isn't this in the top 10 the contaminated area won't be inhabitable for at least 300 years, come on people. The radiation fallout affected the whole of Europe. There's a reason it is called the 'Worst nuclear disaster in history'. - ShadowArceus736

This killed many people and left radiation to kill even more creatures, plus its super creepy

What the heck! So sad!

72 Death of Robin Williams

How is this even remotely important I loved him but id hardly call this a national tragedy

More needs to be done about depression its no joking matter andppl need to start taking this seriously like any other disease

He committed suicide because he suffered Parkinsons syndrome and developed extreme depression.

He had a disease after Parkinsons, that I can't even remember what it's called, but the depression he had gave him the choice to commit suicide, and we shouldn't be that way.
Seriously, people need to stop caring about themselves.

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73 Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

This was just so sad and terrible, her fans wanted to have fun seeing her perform, and that's what they got, death from a bomb.

I Feel Bad For The Ones Who Died, As Well As Those Who Survived And Ariana Herself - JPK



74 The 7/7 Attacks on London

This was so bad

How is this not in the top 10!? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This was a despeciable attack I was at school doing my work with my helper( I went to a special needs school) When I saw it on the news I was shocked

Gtg to the toilet

75 Ebola Outbreak

This was a really bad event I was there when it happened

Tee who ha ha


76 When Peppa Pig First Aired

I hate Peppa but why is this on the list? - Neonco31

This show was horrible

Death to the pig and her family

Elmos world

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77 The FCC's Repeal of Net Neutrality
78 When Caillou First Aired

Foreal worst show ever!

F@%# caillou

79 Korean War (1950-53)
80 Cagayan de Oro Limketkai Bombing

Always thought my home city was safe. I was wrong.
Turns out, Mindanao is never safe.

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