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81 Suicide of Amanda Todd

After being bulled because of her past...she took away her future.R.I.P.! END THE BULLYING! END THE SUICIDE!

What's woth all these butthurt bullies disliking the comment above or below me '
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82 Rise of Isis

Isis can put a bomb in my...

83 War in Afghanistan
84 Death of Michael Jackson

One pop star dying even if they are good isn't as bad as the deaths of millions of people for their religion. - Lucretia

I think the death of michael jackson is one of the most horrifying event in the history of mankind

What wht in the hell is michael Jackson higher than a gun man killing little kids

And? - naFrovivuS

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85 1900s British Attack On India
86 Death of Robin Williams

How is this even remotely important I loved him but id hardly call this a national tragedy

More needs to be done about depression its no joking matter andppl need to start taking this seriously like any other disease

He committed suicide because he suffered Parkinsons syndrome and developed extreme depression.

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87 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Revelation 16:3 The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea. Then the sea
became blood like. Every living thing in the sea died.

thousands of fish and other sea critters dieing -

88 European Colonization of the Americas

If You want to total up the number of people who died in this movement, it would actually have been in the hundred millions

The death toll is likely to have been 50-60 million.

89 St Valentine's Day Massacre
90 The Stolen Generation

This last for 55 years 1909 - 1964, took thousands of Australian aboriginal children taking there culture away and there family, sum didn't see there family for years and some never saw there family again.

Thousands of Australian Aboriginal children stolen from the government, some could not you there family's for years and some never seen there family again

When I heard about this in school, it made me ashamed to call myself an Australian.

My Nanna was in the stolen generation it was so heart broken she was 11 she did not see her parents for over 6 years and she I'd not like the white wais

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91 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Killed more in 1 year than the bubonic plague did in 100 years.

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92 Peshawar School Attack 2014

Some lowlife loser who can't do that stuff to another man so he does it to kids that's who

OH God sure was a terrible one even worse

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93 The Blitz
94 Death of Christina Grimmie

This has been a terrible day for humanity in 2016. - nelsonerica

95 The Irish Famine
96 Spanish Inquisition

I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.

... seriously? I mean this may have occured centuries ago but we're talking about extermination of entire civilizations here. The holocaust was terrible but the Jewish population is still around today. If this isn't one of mankind's most barbaric events, I don't know what is.

97 Execution of Christians in the Middle East

Pretty sad, people dying for their religion. It was like a small-scale Holocaust for the Christians. - JustAnAccount

Hundred of thousands have died because of religion

Hundreds are dying even today for their beliefs

98 Attack On Aps Peshawar Pakistan

This tradegy should be on the top but you all made your own opinion
On this the about 150 of our school children gave their life to unite us and find the terrorist, where ever they are. Who ever they and the one who supports them KILL THEM THEY HAVE NO RELIGION. KILL their SUPPORTERS WHO EVER THEY ARE.

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99 Great Chinese Famine

The largest famine in human history as well as the single deadliest policy to every to be put into place by a government. It probably lead thirty to fourty thousands deaths per day which is about ten to twelve nine elevens per day. The only thing it has "going for it" was that the famine was due to incompetence and ignorant as compared to direct Malice or intent to kill though it certainly would take an imaginably cold or stupid person to let an event like this go on for three strait years.

45 million people died this was Worse that 9/11 and the holocaust and the Rwanda genocide combined

Why does no one bother mentioning this? Millions of people died in a span of three years.

Millions died - more than we think. Chinese are still starving even today. - JustAnAccount

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100 Brussels Terror Attacks 2016

The same cell which bombed Paris later bombed Brussels.

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