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101 The Destruction of Wittenoom, Australia

All because of blue abestos, this town was gone and killed more than 9/11


102 Hurricane Matthew V 1 Comment
103 Slavery of the Jews in Egypt

This might have been fictional! No Egyptian accounts say anything about the Jews being slaves. You know how many people the Bible says left Egypt? Over 5 million. The numbers are not realistic.

One of the worst things in history, the Jews never seem to get a break!

Poor Jews were still tortured in every country and timeline it's horrible how they are treated. I feel bad they did nothing but believe in their religion.

104 Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

He said to Muslims " Muhammad is the first born child to Satan". I hate him now because he said that

Why would they do such a horrible thing to such a good person?

I agree, assassination is just not an option.

105 Shooting of the Romanov Family

Czar Nicholas Romonov and his wife Alexsandra and 5 children where killed on July 17 1918 a very sad day in histor.

Even the kids.. why the kids. Poor kids... - MagmaFox

106 Russian Revolution

Sure, they were free from the Tsar but the casualties that followed as a result of the corrupt government were catastrophic.

The minute the people free themselves from the tsar, valdimar lenient comes out of nowhere and reconqers the in the name of communism

107 Hurricane Andrew

Struck Homestead Florida With 165 MPH Winds - JPK

108 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

This should be in at least the top 20... - JustAnAccount

109 South Sudanese Civil War
110 Chile Earthquake
111 Ghouta Chemical Attack
112 Kent State Shootings

The slaughter of innocent students by their own government and neighbors.

V 1 Comment
113 Marie Antoinette Died

People getting there heads chopped off is just cruel

She was an idiot, but she didn't deserve to be beheaded.

114 Nairobi Mall Attack
115 Obergefell v. Hodges

Well, this is rather homophobic. - doodie

V 1 Comment
116 Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea
117 When Dora The Explorer First Aired

I hate Dora but this shouldn't be on the list - Neonco31

If I see another show on this list, I will lose it

Nobody likes Dora but why is this on the list? This is for serious events and not T.V. shows. Boy the hatedoms are so annoying they make the fans seem like good people. I am not a brony though

118 London Tower Block Fire

Extremely tragic event not to far from my school and watching the event unfold on a T.V. screen. I know someone who lived in that tower block and is luckily alive.

119 Grenfell Tower Fire

Maybe I don't know what that is

120 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots

Yes, thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed for no fault of theirs. Police simply watched & political parties instigated for killings. Very strange but true.

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