Top 10 Most Terrible Events In History


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121 Kenya Mall Shooting V 1 Comment
122 Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

Its is very sad while I know that it isn't the worst I live there and every body was sad and I couldn't believe I lived here when it happened (pray for them souls)

123 American Japanese Holocaust

Japanese weren't deliberately killed, but they were imprisoned in terrible conditions so it's still pretty bad.

Germany wasn't the only ones. We killed thousands. But you won't see it in your government mandated textbooks.

How is this 50 places behind "legalization of gay marriage in america"?
that's so messed up!

124 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
125 Boston Molasses Disaster

What? Am I reading this right? Is this the Boston Massacre or is somebody sleeping on their keyboard? I've never heard of this.

126 Sinking of Britannic
127 MH17 Malaysia Airlines Plane Shot Down

298 people killed including over 80 children

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128 Death of Sharon Tate
129 O.J Simpson Murdering his Wife

There's no definitive proof that he did this.

130 Salem Witch Trials

Thousands of innocent people hanged, tortured, burned, drowned, beheaded or torn to pieces over a mere superstition... How the hell is this not on here?

Actually, only about 39 people died, but that is STILL pretty bad.

Many innocent people were burned at the stake. It was horrible.

131 The French Revolution

Ugh... I hate to say this about my favorite history topic. Yes, indeed it was really psychotic. The killing of some innocent people and Robespierre's reign of terror.

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132 Treaty of Versailles

This treaty caused World War II the holocaust and the rise of communism

133 Toba Supereruption

Hep, nearly wiping out humanity in its infancy is a pretty noteworthy, and tragic event.

Ok ok so maybe this may not be "history" but it happened. This huge eruption killed all humans except around 2,000 and this number is not a typo

134 Us East Coast 2016 Blizzard

How is this on the list, it's a blizzard it barely killed anyone and it's not that extreme

Lots of people lost power, people got cabin fever, flights cancelled had effects in Japan and soforth

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135 Guimaras Oil Spill
136 1921 Destruction of Black Wall Street V 2 Comments
137 Darwin Bombing
138 Nelson Mandela's Death

He was a great man change history

Nelson Mandela is a legend fool

139 End of the Last Ice Age

It was a good thing because humanity didn't have to worry about being chased by big hairy elephants.

Around 12,000 years ago, all of that water that had been trapped as ice was freed up, raising sea levels hundreds of feet and drowning all coastal settlements and even those not that close.
Probably responsible for the many various ancient "flood" mythologies.

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140 Government Shutdown of 2013

Scared the hell out of me I was only 13 when this happened.

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