Top 10 Most Terrible Events In History


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141 Kristallnacht
142 Ukraine Crisis 2014

This is terrible, every country didn't do hardly anything and they are doing a lot for Iraq which we have help once before and it didn't work. And country against country is worse then civil war and it is Russia one the supper powers

143 Catholic Child Sex Abuse V 3 Comments
144 Rape of Belgium V 2 Comments
145 Execution of Anne Boleyn

Why is this on here? I'm an Anne Boleyn fan, but her execution doesn't make me cringe when recreations of it come on T.V.. Now, tales from the twentieth century make me cringe when they involve genocide.

146 Death of Heath Ledger
147 Battle of Okinawa V 1 Comment
148 La Violencia
149 Cultural Revolution (China)

The worst mass extermination in history and the tragedy on here with the highest recorded death toll alongside the Hundred Flowers Campaign that came before it, all for the success of one ruler and his political party. I can't believe the Holocaust got to the top of this list, let alone the African slave trade, which was an arrangement made by the Africans themselves.

150 Birth of Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

This guy is a theocrat. He deserved that coup, but not all the innocent people who died.

I Hate this guy with a passion. He ruined my country

Worst thing happened to Turkey - whodafuqisthisguy

151 Death of John Lennon

An international tragedy that had millions crying. See why 1980 sucked?!

152 The Destruction of Prussia

You will forever rest in the minds of all humans, Prussia. We won't forget you.

Honestly why did we give it to the Russians again? It's not theirs and it never was.

V 1 Comment
153 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh (Ex-Eastern Pakistan)
154 Semipalatinsk Nuke Test Site of Kazakhstan V 1 Comment
155 Plague of Justinian (First Plague Pandemic)

This was another plague (bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic) epidemic that occurred in the first millennium. Some people estimate up to 1/2 of the world population killed by this event. That's even more than The Second Plague Pandemic (the Black Death) and the third plague pandemic

V 1 Comment
156 Chinese Exclusion Act Enacted
157 Umpqua Community College Shooting

I live only an hour away from it, so it was that much more heartbreaking to hear about.

158 San Bernardino Shooting
159 Roe vs Wade

Oh no! We can't allow women to control their own bodies!

160 Typhoon Ondoy
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