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161 Year Without a Summer

Horrible event. People froze to death... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

162 Station Nightclub Fire

One of the worst concert disasters in U.S history. Rhode island in 2003. During a concert performance, a pyrotechnic device caught the stage on fire, the raging inferno quickly spread to the ceiling and all around the small club. Most people originally thought it was part of the show and didn't do anything before it was too late. The front doors got jammed and more than 200 people got trapped inside the burning building. Over a 100 died and 200 seriously burned. - cinna89

163 Winnipeg General Strike
164 Famine In Ethiopia
165 Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse
166 1985 Mexico City Earthquake
167 The Alamo

Basically, 200 Cowboys killed themselves by defending a little fort from thousands of Mexican troops. Huge mistake... - JustAnAccount

168 Battle of Gettysburg
169 Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting
170 Clackamas Town Center Shooting
171 Brazil Elementary School Shooting
172 Los Angeles International Airport Shooting

This one's not a big deal. Only One Person was killed. But still it's terrible. Good thing the suspect didn't kill himself or else there would be no justice.

173 Michael Jackson's Death

He was talented, but I liked him better black, if you catch my drift.

To quote the Simpsons, he's 300lb, he's white, he's dressed without flair.

174 Black Saturday Bushfires

In Victoria, Australia one of the worst fires in record killed 173 people and destroyed 2,029 houses killed lots of bush land and animals

175 Waco Texas

Wow! This was so sad. It actually made me really scared for the people in Waco. I saw that video too on YouTube.

This should've been top 20

176 2002 Bali Bombings

202 people died in affected Indonesia & Australia a lot

177 Death of William Wallace

Braveheart just ruined 13th century Scottish history. I'm of Scottish descent and I know that Robert the Bruce was not a traitor. Wallace did nothing, because Scotland lost its independence in 1707. 'enough said.

"FREEDOOMMM! " - William's last word - JustAnAccount

178 Japanese, Danish and Norwegian whaling

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL it is the worst thing I can think of. killing whales for food watching them be terrified when they die. WHO THE HELL EVEN EATS WHALES I mean what the heck!

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179 Massacres in Volhynia
180 Santa Maria Tragedy in Brazil
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