The Slave Trade


The slave trade definitely should be either 1 or 2 considering we (Black Americans) are still suffering the consequences of slavery today. Black Americans continue to deal with systematic oppression, social injustice, race disparity, etc. I am sad to see that the slave trade is so far on this list...seems that there is still a lack of empathy and understanding of what happened and why as well as value placed on the life of those of us with brown skin.

This just pains me so much, I've got to say, when I was younger, kids bullied me because of my skin, just goes to show, that even if you stop something, kids may still carry on with it (in a more childish way e.g. bullying). This should be number one, joint with the holocaust.

Both leave horrible thoughts in people's minds.

You can't judge people on their skin colour, judge them with their personality- In fact, just don't judge!

Think of Aesop, he got judged because of his looks, his parents selled him, and made him a slave! Just because they believed he was ugly, but, look at him now, he's a famous myth writer that everybody knows!

If this hadn't been stopped, some of the most famous black people in the world, wouldn't even be known.

F.Y.I. the slave trade has existed for tens of thousands of years not just 400 and not just to African peoples. The Romans alone enslaved peoples from every nationality and today in some small places slavery still exists in the form of sex slaves and serfs. Yes America didn't contribute anything good in that department by continuing to use slaves until the civil war but it Didn't start with Americans and sadly didn't end with the abolishment of slavery. Because of the billions of people throughout time enslaved and the fact that almost everyone living today can trace their roots back far enough to where someone in their family was a slave I think slavery is the worst act brought onto mankind.

Can you even imagine being torn away from your family and brought to an alien country and treated like merchandize? Drowning in your sorrows you gaze at the skies and wonder what has become of your family thousands of miles away? I watched ROOTS and it was heart breaking.

I'm just dumb founded about how humans could take OTHER HUMANS and ruin there lives, and make it so standing up for your self and being an individual is considered insolence and wrong I can't comprehend how humans used to think it was okay to sell and put a price on OTHER HUMANS like they were objects not humans just because because of the color of there skin

I don't even know why this is below the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, 9/11 and The Sinking of the Titanic. This is a disgusting act that existed for centuries, all because of somebody that had a different color. How this is not above those events that I mentioned is beyond me...

The holocaust was worse then slavery! Far worse! Slaves were better off then where they were before they became slaves, and what people fail to talk about... black people sold their own kind as slaves! The Jews were forced and killed! Their is a difference and the holocaust was a greater event!

Knowing that children are young innocent and highly accident prone and putting them in harms way to make a few extra dollars is disgusting.

The slave trade dehumanized an entire continent, not for years, but centuries. Its effect can still be felt today, and the psychological and social effects are horrendous. This needs to be number one, but too many people disregard this as some trivial past event.

It was terrible. Slaves were crammed into boats and shipped across the Atlantic, and the ones that lived were forced into slavery the rest of their lives. I think the massacre of Native Americans during European Colonization was even worse, though. - JustAnAccount

There is a lack of official information, but the figure of sixty million is used to quantify the deaths of black people in the Atlantic slave trade. This is surely number one. This is just horrendous and shouldn't be forgotten.

Just because some dumb white asses decided to be lazy and use people doesn't mean that all white people did it. Yeah, it was sad, and kinda screwed up, but that was almost TWO HUNDRED YEARS AGO!

AND, WE DIDN'T DO IT, OUR GREEDY ANCESTORS DID. Geez, now-a-days, darker-skinned folks think that us white people owe them something, but we don't. Our ancestors do, sure. But they trash talk us and beat us up. Hell, they kill us. IT WAS NOT OUR WRONG-DOING, PEOPLE. Also, quit saying slavery is worse than the Holocaust. More people died in the Holocaust than during slavery. Entire families, SLAUGHTERED because of a RELIGION. Sure, slavery was because of skin, but watching your kid be sold is better than watching someone shoot them in the head, then mutilate their body, and there isn't anything you can do.

Sleep on that.


How the hell is the slave trade below the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?! Okay big whoop- one person died versus millions of innocent people being put in chains and worked until they died. You should be ashamed of yourselves

I find it funny that the top comment says "a wicked evil act for over 400 years because of ones skin colour" sorry but every race was a slave, and in my opinion the slave trade was a good thing at the time.

This definitely should be over the Holocaust. Blacks went through the same treatment if not worst treatment than the jews for 400 years! How long was the Holocaust? No where near that amount

America has a lot to ask forgiveness for. Slavery was beyond most peoples grasp. It was far worst than film is able to reveal.

Once a man said: "Never argue trying to prove something obvious". If you do not think this is the worst act ever committed by humans, it's not worth explaining it.

The estimated death toll for the slave trade is: 15 million. An incredible amount of lives lost and leaving your families. Think what it was like for children.

I believe this affected blacks more than Jews because the events of slavery changed the outlook of the whole world and its impact is still felt today. No disrespect to the Jewish, the Holocaust is the most tragic atrocity ever committed after The Crucifixition of Jesus Christ and Slavery

I cannot believe what my ancestors went through. They were treated like pets, not like regular human beings. It's just so sad what they did to us.

This actually affected the lives of 60 million people, which is more than the Holocaust

It was horrible, but stop saying, like, "Look what it did to blacks! ". Blacks were not the only race to be enslaved. Actually, every race was enslaved at least once in world History. Even whites. Blacks in America were slaves for not even 150 years, while the israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400

I don't know if those are tears of laughter or sadness I'm crying, because this is below the sinking of the titanic...

I think that it is terrible African American were treated

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