Tragic Stories: Tickled

I was defensless, my freind knew something about me they got me to the ground and started to rangled theyre hands other my sides. Tears streamed through my eyes as I laughed uncontrolably and I got out of it. I got up and ran away from them as ast as I can. Theyre meaty and slender fingers wiggled inwards and outwards as they chase after me.

I went to the street and hided through the shops and waited to get away, as they did, I bolted through the streets and travel the journey through my home.

"There he is!" one of the boys said ran like that roadrunner from the cartoons, I had no hope I ran as ast as I can but I was no use to theyre Usian Bolt like speed.

I trippedon the grassy land and the boys grabbed my leg and arms. "Lets do a typewriter on him" said the boy which I assumed was the leader of the pack and did his favourite form of tickling, the typewriter.

He repeatedly tapped quickly on my chest and tried so hard not to wet myself, thre was no use I wriggled and fidgetted around but nothing stopped.

They let go and I was on the floor, wetted trousers and all that.

Moral of the story: You're screwed when they do the typewriter.


I feel so sorry for you, man. The typewriter should be outlawed. - PositronWildhawk

I've never experienced one. But I realize it's an horrible experience. - Kiteretsunu

I'm not ticklish :-P - happyhappyjoyjoy

Wpw - JaysTop10List

I'm extremely ticklish - Animefan12

If the typewriter did that to you, then dang, I'd be dead. - WonkeyDude98