Belly Button


I remember when I was 10, we played a type of capture the flag in a large garden colony at the late evening. I hid in an abandoned garden, but one of my friend's older teenage brother caught me and tied my hands behind my back. He pinned me against the wall of the shed and put his hand over my mouth before he started tickling me all over mercilessly. But even when he tickled my sides and my belly, I still pinched my mouth shut when he asked me about the location. After a moment, he suddenly poked me directly in my belly button and wriggled his finger around for a second. I immediately winced and giggled uncontrollably through his hand. He pulled my shirt up until my stomach was visible and put his palm on my uncovered stomach before he tickled my bare sides and my stomach all over again. He paused before he started to suddenly wriggle his finger wildly around inside my belly button again. It tickled so much, it felt like constantly fainting. He tickled me so much, the tickling ...more

So I was with my cousin, she is 17. She was laying on her bed with her hands behind her head. She was wearing a crop top that went all the way up to rib cage. After about a minute I went ahead and sat on her thigh. I started to drag my finger in circles around her belly button which she started to giggle but didn't stop me. I then dipped my finger into her deep belly button and started to wriggle my finger around. She started to laugh really hard. I did this for half an hour before getting up. I went and grabbed feathers, pencils, and anything I could find. I then went back to her bed and played with her belly button all day.

I am a boy and normally boys are not ticklish there. But my girlfriend tickled me there and one touch there and I laughed crazy. She told all my friends. One day I hid my friends popcorn before watching the movie so he found out and sneaked into my room while I was shirtless tied me to a chair and started tickling me for a hour. I laughed so loud that my other friends started tickling me for another hour. I finally told them where It was and now they know how to torture me.

It started when I got pierced. My mom was obsessed with piercings and when we were on a trip, she and my best friend spontaneously pushed me inside a tattoo shop. Everything happened so fast, we were out. I remember how weird it felt to walk around with the feeling, that some piece of metal was inside my belly button. Back in the car, my friend showed my the photo she took when I was lying on the chair. It happened so fast, that was the first time I saw it. It looked different from what I expected. I have an innie and the scar itself is flat and round. The piercing looked like a ring of tiny petals were growing directly out of the border between the belly button scar itself and reaching up on the normal skin of the abdominal indentation. But they weren't longer than 5 milimeters. So, my belly button scar wasn't covered by the piercing and together with the piercing it looked like a blossom. I thought I'd get a normal piercing, but then, I realized the lady had pierced the belly button ...more

I never knew my belly button was ticklish. I am extremely ticklish every where. I found that my belly button was my most ticklish spot when I had gone to my friends house. We were watching a movie and I was laying on the floor with my hands behind my head. My shirt was raised just enough to see my belly button my friend then stuck her finger in my belly button. I laughed like crazy which was really unexpected. She soon caught on and grabbed a feather and held me down. She then tickled my belly button for an hour.

When I was in my teenage years I always used to be tickled a lot. My sister's friends was the one that usually tickled me. She would pin me down and tickle me mostly around my upper body. Sometimes she would have me change into a bikini and tickle me. As I got older she started to tie me down and tickle torture me. There was this one time where she was using a feather and it dipped down into my belly button for a few seconds and I freaked out. After that moment she knew that my belly button was my most ticklish spot and would always tickle it.

I have a older brother named Payson. He's 18 and I am 12 plus I am a girl. One night I was sitting on my bed playing Color Switch and watching T.V. when all of a sudden my brother came in and turned off the T.V. and took my phone. My parents where out that night so Payson was watching me. All of a sudden he said he wanted to play a game well he told me to wait in my room when he came back he tied me to the bed with scarves. I asked him what kind of game this was he told me a fun one. So he had also brought in with him baby oil which I thought was weird then all of a sudden he lifted my shirt up just enough to show my Belly and Belly Button. He dropped some oil in my belly button then started to rub it around. He smiled then got up off the bed and looked like he was gonna leave me tied up then all of a sudden he started tickling my belly and belly button I screamed and he didn't care I couldn't do anything at all two hours laters he stopped then he hugged me tightly and let me go and ...more

When me and my big sister were waiting in line for a ride at a carnival she likes to wrap her hands around in front of me like a hug so her hands lay on my tummy. We both were wearing crop tops and shorts that day and she knows I'm unbelievably ticklish on my tummy and sides. So when she teases me she likes to lightly scratch my tummy to get giggles out of me and if I try to wriggle or squirm away she'll lock me inbetween her knees and start to tickle around my belly button and sides. She only once took a dip into my belly button on a different time but I went NUTS and she just usually laughs and smiles at me. - laety_11

My cousin came round for a sleep over we stayed up late she could not take her eyes of my tummy when I went to bed she snuck in my room tide me up and woke me up by scribbling her fingers up and down my feet and then whispered in my ear I wonder how ticklish your tummy is I said please not my tummy then at that she tickled my extremely ticklish tummy, sides and belly button I screamed I could not stand it

My friend and I went swimming (it was just us and a boy swimming in a corner and a sunbathing mom) at an outdoor pool. I had my towel in hand and was facing the pool. I almost fell in, so she rushed to my side and wrapped her arms around me. Her fingers ended up going into my bellybutton and I began laughing like crazy. I couldn't do anything about it, because I was leaning above the pool and if she let go, I'd fall in. She caught on and tickled it until I gave up and dove into the pool. Now for fun, she tickles me there. E only other time I was tickled there before that was when I was 12 and my brother decided to see if my bellybutton was ticklish and it was INSANELY ticklish.
I hate it

I dig my sisters belly button all the time

My brother is 21 and he is so ticklish there. I don't know why my brother is so ticklish there. He must have been born that way because I have never seen someone so ticklish in their belly button like he is. But then he tells me to stop. The second ticklish spot is his stomach. Now I've seen someone ticklish there.

Hi, I'm 10 I'm not ticklish anywhere more then my belly button! Once at school we where doing a monkey bar race seeing who could go the farthest I was almost there until on of the others poke a stick in my belly button then he moved it around I freaked out 10 secs then let go soon all the people in my class new that I was the easiest person to tickle I can't one school day without a person giving me a tickle prank!

My boyfriend tickles me there and he pins me down and then I can't move... But once he was tickling my belly button and I was laughing so hard my belly hurt and I told him I would do any thing to make him stop so then I kissed him and then he started tickling my belly button again.

I didn't even know that a belly button could be ticklish until a friend of mines tickled it. I was just laying down on her couch as we watched a movie. We had just came out of her pool and I only was wearing shorts and a bikini top as it was quite hot that day. now my friend being my friend and wanting to mess around with me poked my belly button a few times, each time it ended in me giggling. After a while she caught on that I had a ticklish belly button and decided to have more fun. At that point she quickly grabbed my arms to pin me down and tickled my belly button for around half an hour.

I was lying upside down on my guy-friends bed, and my belly button was exposed. He had a pen in his hand and just stuck it in my belly button and wiggled it around. And boy did I shriek! Then he pulled out a rope and tied me up and tickled me for 2 hours

Once at my friends house we agreed to tickle each other. My friend started tickling me and then when she got to my belly button I screamed. She found out that I was ticklish there and tickled me for two hours. Plus I'm a girl, and girls are more ticklish than boys and I was tickled for so long.

I didn't even know that my belly button was so ticklish until I went to this pool party with my friends. I was wearing my bikini and my friend's finger accidentally went into my belly button and I was laughing like crazy. She didn't realize at first but once figured out that my belly button was ticklish she kept tickling it.

I'm a girl who gets tickled by my cousins. My 15 year old cousin will hold me down, my 14 year old cousin will sit on my legs and tickle my belly button. They star with their fingers, then move up to a Q-tip, after they use paint brush. A few times they tickled me on my underarms. My cousins are both boys and tickle me so much. The last time they tickled me, it was three hours straight, my belly button is so ticklish and tickled so much.

The Belly button never gets the Ticklish respect from People it's awesome to see tickled and is a ticklish part to the body

Tickles so much especially when you push in and wiggle

My ex-girlfriend was crazy ticklish here. She loved being tickled though so every time I touched her stomach she would ask me to tickle her bellybutton

One time a girl named Payton invited me over for a hangout. There she wore a crop top and shorts. We were watching a movie when I fell over getting up and my finger went right into her ticklish innie. She screamed and so the rest of the night she felt navel torture

Ever since my big sister tried to tickle me and went to my belly button it was never the same now it hurts when I touch it and it doesn't tickle at all :(

When I was in school with my friend Kerry macintosh she would always tickle my super ticklish belly button and I couldn't stop laughing when she would put either her finger or a feather and sometimes an electric tooth brush, we would have crazy fun espcially through lots of tickle fights