My feet are my only ticklish spot and my girlfriend is ticklish all over she did not know I was ticklish until maybe 2-3 days ago. And we have tickle fights all the time I always win until she figured out I was ticklish. So one day we had plans to go out together for a movie and go to diner and I'm 16 and she is 17 about 4 months apart from each other so we had plans and she was late so I went back to sleep but my mom and dad are not home and the door is unlocked so she comes in late so she walks through the door and she sees I'm asleep on the couch and tries so hard to get me up and she can't so I'm on the couch and she is trying to think of a way to get me up. First starts with bribes I will give you one of my special back rubs and she gets my attention but I go back to sleep so then she says ok bye dude and that don't work so she comes back in and then I guess she gets the idea ok trying to tickle me so she starts on my stomach she gets not a thing and then goes for my arm pits she ...more

My toes are the absolute most ticklish place on my body! Every guy that has ever shown interest in me has always found some reason or another to tickle my feet, making me squirm and giggle. Torturous, but so much fun!

My feet are so ticklish that my socks sometimes tickles them! I was at school today and had pe. As I was getting changed I took my socks off to put on my shoes when 5 people pin me down an a table and tie me with duct tape. I was trying to escape. Most people were gone by the time but one of the 5 said, lets see if he is ticklish... The 1st one tickled my belly. No reaction. So he left. The 2nd and 3rd one tickled my armpits. I laughed a lot but they stopped after 5 minutes. I was crying by then. The 2nd,3rd and 4th left. I kicked the 5th one (my best friend alex Jenkins) and said give up. Then he looked at my shoes badly placed... He took off the duct tape and then spun me over. Alex? I said. So then Joshua, you are ticklish on your armpits... But... He then sat on my leg and squeezed it so my foot couldn't escape! I have big feet. He took my shoe of as I said ALEX PLEASE don't DO THIS! But he tickled my foot for ages. He even licked it a bit. After 10 minuets of me crying with ...more

My feet are way too ticklish and my best friend who is a guy likes to take advantage of it! I remember he first found out when we were hanging out with each other and he tried out a game with me. I don't know why I fell for it but I did. He took my socks and shoes off and put my feet on his lap. I didn't know what he was gonna be doing until I felt a poke on my right heel. I immediately jumped and jerked my legs away, which completely gave away my ticklishness. He started laughing and trapped my legs under one of his, while tickling both my feet with both hands. He was tickling softly at first, but it still made me go insane. It was embarrassing since he found out how ticklish I am! Then he started tickling quickly, while holding my feet back to make it even worse, where I couldn't curl my toes to try to cover up the ticklish sensation. So as I was just flailing on the ground and begging him to stop, he gave me a break for just a few seconds.

Then somehow he got a HAIRBRUSH and ...more

My feet are extremely ticklish and the only place I'm ticklish. It's horrible! My little sister is 14 and I'm 17 and I'm 5'8 and she's 5'5 but she's not ticklish. :( she didn't know I was until last week. My boyfriend is 18 only a few months older than me. And he didn't know I was ticklish on my feet but I always tickled him. Anyway I was hanging out with him and he tickles my waist and got nothing so he called in my sister to help they pinned my down and tied my up with tape so they taped my up? And they started at my neck and no reaction and so on and so on until I kicked them and asked them to stop. My sister smiled and I git confused. She went to my feet and I got worried. Like really worried. I asked them to stop but she just took my shoes off as my boyfriend waited. To see if I was ticklish I had no socks on and she reached to my feet and lightly ran her fingers up and down them I but my lip stopping the giggles but I think she saw this and spider along my feet. I started ...more

My feet are SO TICKLISH! One time I was with my friends at a sleepover (I'm a girl and my friends at the sleepover are guys) and we began playing some video games. I had taken my socks off and stretched my legs out (huge mistake! ) After about 15 minutes on one game, one of the boys was getting beat by me in the game. He got pretty frustrated, too. He actually then scooted up near my feet and waited for the right time (I wasn't even paying attention to him, I was trying to beat every one in the game we were playing. He then handed his controller to someone else and struck. He scratched at my soles, toes, arches and my heels and I SCREAMED. I ended up throwing my controller in he air as I fell backwards onto my back as I screamed and laughed so hard, and I ended up having tears running down my face! Everyone started laughing at me and took turns tickling my feet. My friends had used feathers, paintbrushes, anything they could get their hands on that they could use to tickle my feet. ...more

It might be magic or something, but I seem to be more ticklish than anyone. Anyway, I'm a girl and I'm 15 now, but at the time I'm telling you about I was around 13, almost 14. Ok, so. I was hired by some rich parent to help out at her 6 year old daughter's birthday party. She was turning 7. So I almost backed down but then I saw a hundred dollar bill and I went for it. So I was at the cake table texting a friend, and then a little boy around 8 said to me "Are you ticklish? " It was a bit odd for an 8 year old to ask that to a 13 year old, but I hate lying so I said "Yes..." And to my surprise, all the 13 or 14 kids ran into the room and pinned me down. Like 2 kids per arm or leg. Two went for my belly, and I'm not super ticklish there, but I still am very ticklish there. So I tried holding in my laughter for 4 or 5 seconds, but it was no use. I began bursting into laughter, and the parents didn't seem to notice. Then another girl went for my neck, where I was even more ticklish. I ...more

My feet are extremely ticklish, I will literally pee my self! Today since I'm 17 1/2, I had pe today, but also it was sunny so I wore open toes shoes and my toes we're painted purple so of course everybody was complementing on them. So after pe we we're heading back to the locker room I had my running shoes, so I sat down and took my shoes of, of course my feet we're red and sweaty so they we're way more ticklish, when I was about to put my other shoes on, two of my best friends, came up to me one pinned me down and the other tickled my feet, I was laughing so hard that I could not hold it in very long I ended up peeing my pants in school In front of my class and this went on till class was over! Yea this was today so my
Pants we're soaked, I literally had to walk up to the office and say I got tickled so much that I peed, so I had to call my parents but they we're at work so I had to sit in my soaking wet pants all day, now I have to watch my back, now everybody knows I'm ticklish ...more - Gracefoothill

One time I had a sleepover at a friends for two nights. We sat at different ends of the bed.the first nights I rubbed his feet a little and he chuckled. So I got a feather and tickled him for a bit.the door was closed and soundproof he was laughing a lot so I stopped. I licked his foot and used a feather a bit more. He was laughing very much now. The next night I dosed off so he got up and got some toy handcuffs. When I woke through the night I was cuffed to the bed, immobile. He said it was payback time. Because I couldn't move he rubbed my feet. I laughed a lot. He then stopped and tickled my feet. I was laughing hysterically. He then used a feather duster and an electronic toothbrush on my feet. I was crying with laughter. Then he licked, nibbled and sucked my toes and feet. I was laughing extremely loud.he uncuffed me and we went to sleep... But when I woke up I mercilessly tickled his feet and licked them. He tickled me too because we were both cuffed up. This went on for 4 whole ...more

My feet are so ticklish it's unreal! I'm a 13 female and my crush found out when we were at the park because I had to go with my mom so I invited him so I wouldn't be bored. I decided to go on the monkey bars because it reminded me of when I was little. I was on the 5th bar of the 12 bars and I felt someone grab my legs. I looked down and he was right there! I made the mistake wearing flip flops, too. I asked him nicely to let go of my legs, but he decided to take my flip flops off. I went so pale! I started kicking to try to get him off, but he ended up grabbing my ankles in a headlock-kinda-thing. He started to tickle the bottoms of my feet and I started laughing REALLY HARD. I ended up falling off the bars but my crush thankfully caught me. He set me on the ground and kept tickling my feet for what felt like 2 hours, but it was only 12 minutes. He got off me and said, "You're so adorable when you laugh. I'm gonna have to do this a lot! " Now every time I invite him somewhere, he ...more

Hi, I am Elizabeth, and this is the story of how I found out I was ticklish on my feet! So I got home from school one day, and I know how ticklish my mom is on her feet and toes. So I got a feather and a rope, and I tied her feet to the bed (she had to agree, we were starting a tickle war) and I began to slightly stroke her soles. She was screaming with laughter, so I went a little harder. Her laughter was through the roof, so I knew I was going to win. I got my sister to help me, and she got my mom's second most ticklish spot, her belly/belly button. My mom was almost crying with insane laughter, so my sister decided to double cross me. She unties my moms feet, and she grabbed me and pulled me on the bed, and tied me up there. (What can I say? She is older than me.) and then my mom took my feather and started stroking. I didn't even realize I was double how ticklish she was. (I was around 13 then) My sister began to lick my feet and belly button, so I was crying with laughter. My mom ...more

My feet are literally so ticklish, even the threat of them being tickled drives me crazy! I can't even walk around without socks just incase someone decides to tickle me. My family still find ways to tickle me though and find it hilarious to sneak into my room and tickle my bare feet whilst I'm sleeping.

My feet are my most ticklish spot. My mom playfully tickles my feet almost everyday just to make me laugh. She knows I like it because I never pull away or tell her to stop. Sometimes, she gets carried away and ends up tickling my feet for hours. When she finally gets tired, I get revenge. Her feet are just as ticklish as mine!

I am a mother of 3 and my oldest son Nathan is 14, my daughter Avery is 12 and my youngest son Matthew is 7. Matthew was at one of his friends house but Nathan and Avery were at home, I was in my bedroom watching T.V. and I was barefoot. Nathan walked in the room and said "Guess what? " I said "What? " he then started to tickle my feet, I was giggling trying not to laugh and was pulling away. But then be got my ankles in a headlock and he's a very strong boy for his age, I couldn't keep myself from laughing anymore and was laughing very loud. Then Avery walked in the room and realized what was going on and she started helping Nathan tickle my feet! I honestly don't think I've ever laughed so hard. Eventually I was so tired I couldn't fight back, then Avery and Nathan took turns tickling my feet and stomach, it lasted about 20 minutes but hey, it was pretty fun. I eventually got revenge on both of them though, since then Nathan has tickled me quite a few times almost always targeting ...more

It was my best friend's birthday recently, and we decided to give her a special surprise. This surprise involved pinning her down and tickling her until she peed/passed out. I always thought her worst spot were the back of her knees, so I obviously targeted there. It wasn't until one of my other friends took over and started to tickle her while I had a break. She was tickling my bestie's feet, and that seemed to bring even more hysterical laughter from her than her knees! My friends called me over, seen as I was in charge, the Chief ticker, that planned everything! So my friends pinned her ankles down and I sat on her legs, tickling her feet until she was blue in the face and shaking with laughter. We decided this would become a tradition for all birthdays! Thank goodness mine isn't for another 4 months, cause I am easily the most ticklish out of ALL my friends!

My feet are definitely the most ticklish part of my body. And the fact my husband knows this makes it even worse. One time, he rolled my over on my stomach and sat on my legs so I could not move at all. Then proceeded to remove my shoes and socks. Being barefoot and completely helpless, he then pulled out a feather and started to tickle the bottoms of feet. I honestly could not have laughed any harder. I really do have insanely ticklish feet. It was all good fun though.

One day, I came home from school in a really crappy mood from having to deal with my annoying Geometry teacher. My 8 year-old sister, who tends to get a bit nosy sometimes, noticed the glum expression on my face and wanted to know what was wrong. I told her nothing was wrong just to avoid the conversation. She knew I was lying and followed me to my room, asking me a couple more times why I had such a sour look on my face. The built-up stress from school plus my sister's constant prying made me snap. I yelled at my sister and told her to leave me alone. Then my mom came to my room to see what was going on. No longer able to suppress my emotions, I told my mom everything that happened. Then, she consoled me with a hug and some reassuring words. When I sat on my bed, she took my flip-flops off and tickled my feet. I immediately started laughing and trying to pull away, but I couldn't because she's stronger than me. She scribbled her fingernails on the bottoms of my feet for about 15 ...more

My bare feet are the most ticklish part of my body, especially between and under the toes. One time, I was at a sleepover with 3 other people and I fell asleep first. I always sleep with socks on (I know, weird) and I was woken up by something soft running from between by big and second toe down to my heel. I woke up and noticed two things immediately; I was barefoot, and I was tied up thoroughly. my wrists, knees, ankles, and big toes were tied together, and I had a cloth tied around my mouth. I then felt 3 soft objects running up and down my feet, and I started laughing hard. My feet were being tickled by feathers! This went on for a while, then all 3 feathers started tickling in between my toes. I wiggled, scrunched, spread and flexed my toes, but it still tickled bad. After that they untied me. The other 3 people had pulled a prank on me. I still hang out with one of them today, and they sometimes put a armlock on my ankles, take my socks off, and tickle me silly.

How I found out I was ticklish there: I was 13 and I really did not (still don't) like showing off my feet so in the summer I just wore sneakers but no socks. Sneaker that were easy to slip off. I was with my friend and I was just messing around in a gazebo and slid under one of the benches... Easier to get in than out. My legs were sticking out and my friend laughed at me for 5 minutes until she attempted to help me. She grabbed me by the ankles and pulled but my shoes came off she she fell over. She saw my bare feet and I was really nervous I don't know why but I hate showing my feet. She started tickling them and I learned I'm pretty dang ticklish there. She did that for about 10 minutes but it seemed like 2 hours. Now she teases me. I also wear socks a lot more now.

I once slept over my friends house. I slept on one end of the bed and he slept the other. When he fell asleep, I decided to rub my hands up and down the soles of his extra smooth boy feet. He started to react with me tickling his feet. Once he was relaxed again, I got ever closer to his feet and I began to smell his feet. THEY DIDN'T EVEN SMELL THAT BAD! After inhaling the smell from his feet, I decided to take it a step further to licking his feet. He was EXTREMELY TICKLISH with my warm tongue sliding along his soles and between his toes. It was an experience I will never forget.

My feet are so ticklish! Espicially in the toes with a feather. One time my friend was over my house. We were playing video games. I was wearing socks, and he was barefoot. He is also super ticklish and I tickle him a lot. He was losing, and my socked foot was next to his leg. He ran a finger up my socked sole and I suppressed a laugh and scrunched my toes. He paused the game, wrapped an arm around my ankles, and tickled my socked feet. I lightly laughed the whole time. After about ten minutes he took my socks off and tickled my bare soles, arches, heels and toes. I laughed super hard then! Then he got a feather and started testing my feet. First he tickled my heels. I smiled wiggled my feet a bit. Then he tickled my arches and I laughed lightly and I my feet quicker. Then he tickled my toes and soles with the feather, between the toes was the worst!

One time my friend "convinced" me (tickled my feet until I agreed) to get one of those pedicures where they have those fish that eat all the dead skin off your feet. I put my feet in the tank and all the little fish swarmed my feet! It tickled so bad! After keeping my toes clenched for a few seconds, my toes flexed and spread apart. Huge mistake. The fish started up in their too, and it tickled awfully. Even worse, when I wriggled my toes, I could feel how slimy the were, and it tickled even more! Finally, it ended. Of course, after this my feet were smooth, soft, and more sensitive, so of course it made it easier for my friend to tickle them. (that was probably her plan all along)

Hi I'm a 13 years old girl and this is my story. I was at a friends house (girls only! ) and we were having a nice time. At 9:00 pm we started to watch a movie. At like 11:00, my all friends got to the kitchen to grab some candies and stuff, at least, that's what I thought. I forgot to mention that don't like showing my feet a lot, but I had no socks at that time so, I was kinda nervous the hole time. Anyway, all the girl were gone for a long time so I started messin around, And I've made a mistake. there was some sort of lowered bed and I got under it, stuck under it. My feet were exposed and stuck on the side of the bed. Then one of my friends came in and saw the opportunity, so she got to the washroom and took some baby oil. At this point, I was stressful about all this. Then, the nightmare began. She began poring the oil on my vulnerable feet, and just that made me giggle and laugh hard. All my friends were hanging outside at that time so it was me and her. Then, she began to ...more - stella3680

One time my and my boyfriend were watching a movie and I had just fallen at school and hurt my ankles recently so he said "Em, rest your feet on my lap so you'll feel better" and of course I said okay. So anyway, we were watching the movie when he thought it was a good idea to massage my feet. (He was 18 I was 17) so he began to rub them gently. I began to giggle. Then he turn towards me and said "so your ticklish are you? " He now began to actually tickle my feet. He stroked my toes and in between them I was laughing now. Then he tried the heel. No reaction. He tried the middle. I burst into laughter and begged him to stop. I was moving and squirming so much. He stopped after 30 min of tickling my feet

My mum loves to tickle me on my feet and toes once she said to me would you like to be tied and tickled I said yes because I love to be tickled but I had no idea what it means so she told me to get in to my pyjamas and come into her room and lay on her double bed she blindfolded me and tied me in spread eagle position and said 1.2.3 GO and instantly started to slide her long nails up and down my feet and sides I was in hysterics she would say who's a ticklish boy I would say me through my fits of laughter then she got a brush and scribbled it up and down my feet which where covered in baby oil then she rolled up my shirt and rubbed baby oil on my tummy she said coche coche coo this drove me to the bracing point so I shouted please stop and she did we both loved it so much we done it every Saturday