At the bus stop I always wind up my friends. I have two friends at the bus stop, one who isn't ticklish and one who is. I'm the most ticklish though. So one day I was being annoying and winding them up and tickling the ticklish friend when she started to tickle my neck. My neck is no where near my worst spot but I always spazz, curl up into a ball and (this doesn't help either) collapse into a giggly heap in the lap of the person tickling me. This happened and she pinned me down and tickled me for a good minute or so. I couldn't of lasted much longer and if I hadn't retaliated by tickling her armpits I wouldn't be here now

Hi there. I am going to tell you the story about how I realized I was ticklish in my neck. So I was at a sleepover at my friend Anna's house and our friend Anika decided to come over to hang out for a bit. We were trying to pin Anika to the ground and she told me to get of or she would tickle me. I said in response I don't care. So she started tickling my sides and for some reason it wasn't ticklish so I just told her that doesn't tickle. We were just siting on the floor talking when I asked her if she was really tickling me. She said no but she started tickling my neck. It felt very ticklish and I was smiling trying to hold in laughter. She was smiling and kept doing it. Finally I gave up and began to laugh. She stopped and smiled.

Haha! I discovered a couple days ago that my best friend has an INSAINLEY ticklish neck! I was in a Music Room at school with her and my other friends and I was poking them with a beater. They are ticklish but not one-poke-ticklish like my bestie. I was poking them in the ribs with the stick when I saw her practicing on the piano. So, being SUCH a good friend, I distracted her and gave her the TINIEST poke in the neck with my beater. She jumped off of her stool, hunched back her shoulders and laughed like a hyena! I died with laughter (mainly because she knew my ticklish spot and was getting me back) and use it on her whenever she is being annoying or needs cheering up!

My friend literally runs away if you threaten to tickle her neck, it's hilarious!

I was at my friends house and we were wrestling. Her sister came in and said can I have your blanket and she said why she said cause we're having a tickle fight then she said ok and when her sister went my friend was like that's a great idea. I was like what? And she said you'll see and she sat on top of me and started tickling me like crazy I was laughing so hard then she called her sister and I almost squirmed free then I tried again and got free. Then I got revenge, ever since that day we have tickle fights.

I love getting tickled everywhere! I'm only tickled by my dad, and sister though. No one else. No buys try.

This is where I have it most sometimes even air or collar can tickle me there... one of my friend with good fingers and nails who knows this pins me down sitting on me wiggles her fingers near me to frighten me more and tickles me like crazy with that smile to see me going crazy

One time I was at my friends house for the fourth of July and it was still daylight so we decided to make a pillow fort after we made it we started to talk and it was cramped so we were both lying down next to each other and she told me let's talk about Josh (my crush) and I said no I would rather not talk about it and then she started tickling my neck like crazy until I just said NO! and after that I kept my distance from her

I was saying something about neck and I was lying on my bed stomach down and had my hair all parted away from my neck and I think my friend said "like this? " And dug her fingers into my neck, making me freak. I think I was talking about how she touched my neck earlier

I was walking with my friend, 2 of my other friends talking about who knows what behind me, and all of a sudden one of my friends says 'See, Sierra hates having her neck touched' I gasped and took her arm and squeezed a pressure point... Do not tickle me.

I'm in 8th grade, I don't know how but my friends found out I had a ticklish neck, they do it less (THANK GOD) but if I was like stealing my friend's books or something, she'd tickle my neck until I stopped, I always backed off and was like no, no, no

My secret place for tickling is my neck. When someone tickles me, I laugh my head off and try to run away from it. A tiny touch and I am tickled. Here's a tip:
Never ever lift your neck up to high!
Otherwise you will get tickled a lot.
When someone is trying to tickle you on the neck, try to cover it because it is the most ticklish part on your body.

Actually terrible. Sometimes during break I have my head stuck in a book and my best friend keeps on tickling my neck... but it works every time. I get my revenge though...

I'm very ticklish there., my baby cousin knows that's my ticklish spot and when I am acting as if I'm sleeping she tickles me on my neck me to see if in awake or sleeping for real so I get her back by tickling her stomach.

Don't you hate it when the tickle starts at the neck and rushes down really fast to your lower back. Like you got a random shiver.

Once I was sitting in my chair in social studies watching a movie and the girl behind me started tickling my neck and told everyone to look and that went on so many times in social studies.

One time me as a guest got in a tickle session.When my tickler tied me I said my neck and feet are ticklish so she tickles my neck and feet then wrapped her silk scarf around my neck and finger tickled me making it more ticklish, also she tickled my sensitive place between toes and soul with bristles of a twig

I'm not that ticklish anywhere, and I don't get tickled often, but a little time back, a girl grabbed by neck and started tickling it and I ran into the door.

Wonderful place to be kissed but rather ticklish and can ruin the mood... - Britgirl

Tickle there neck then when their shoulders go up tickle there sides.

I'm seriously ticklish. My neck is certainly top three. MY boyfriend loves to kiss me there all the time and I just go crazy.

Extremely sensitive. A touch can drive me crazy. Easily the most ticklish part of my body. - Aeterna

Oh definitely if you tickle me there I laugh like CRAZY! I love being tickled especially by my boyfriend!

Squirm Central. Wanna make your loved one adorable tickle their neck it's cute! - Curti2594

I love being tickled here. My sister does it to bug me