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21 Ankles

This list is not true for me. Well, not all of it...

Yes I'm so ticklish there and I don't know why! If something rubs on my ancles like a feather I start to feel all tinglie! And I starrt giggling!

22 Hip Bones

Once my friend just lightly poked me there and I glared at her so she caught on, I'm 5'2 and she's 5'5 so obviously she could pin me down. She was tickling them and I was laughing hard until she squeezed them. Then I was bucking my hips and almost screaming if she got a good squeeze. Long story short, I peed myself and cried.

People don't really know about that spot, but somehow my ex boyfriend just knew and he would pin me down and tickle me until my laughing and squealing went silent and I was just squirming around like a crazy person. It's THE WORST

One day, I was mad at my mom. She got my aunt, and they were squeezing my hips for hours! My mom nibbled one side, and my aunt slathered baby oil all over them and blew raspberries. It was torturous, but I secretly liked it.

Oh man the squirming that takes places when people get tickled here. it's amusing for sure. laughter is beautiful - Curti2594

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23 Roof of Your Mouth

We used to have competitions where we would tickle the roof of our mouths for as long as we could without taking out finger out of our mouth. I always failed, tickles too much!

They are the best place to tickle swear

You can tickle yourself.

I can do it with my tongue

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24 Upper Arms

My husband teases me by tickling here when we're at the movies and it's all I can do to not yelp out loud.

It won't always make you laugh but you feel it - Curti2594

Can't stand this... It makes me panic and flail

25 Groin

My groins & pubic mound are really really ticklish & I love being tickled lots there x

I love my groins tickled there

Why, may I ask, is everyone talking about this?!?! - PositronWildhawk

Hey it very much is sensitive so it's not insane to be ticklish down there! - Curti2594

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26 Knees

One the first day of school I met a boy, Cody, he was so hot, and he still is. Anyways, in first block, Physics, he put the bottom of his shoe on my knee, and he started to move all over my knee. I couldn't help it but, he saw me smile, and he also heard a little giggle. Then, he continued to do it all 93 minutes left in class! I almost died because of how much ticking that was! - Somepeeps_dontcare

My knees are super ticklish especially on the side my friend thinks it is pleasure spot for boys so she is saying do you like boys constantly and I am like laughing like a hyena!

So, I don't know why but I decided to teach my boyfriend that if you squeeze my knee I burst out laughing n push your hand off. So I was o ear his house and we were walking around and I told him "don't you dare do the knee thingy" being him he reaches down n squeezes my knee, so I laughed n pushed it off. Every time I tase him or tell him not to say a word or don't even start, he starts. I was over and the first time he squeezed my knee I couldn't hold it in I laughed n he looked at me n laughed a little at my reaction, he soon did both knees n I had to pry his hands off he looked at me after I had to tase him to release he looked at me and was like "I love your laugh it's so cute" he also said " your knees are so ticklish and I would tickle you if I knew where your ticklish(something like that. to be honest I don't remember exactly). So every time he does it n pins me down and squeezs both knees, I attempt to break free and get him back. He's reached and tickled my sides twice, and ...more

My mom is so ticklish on the knees my dad tickles her there she says stop it

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27 Below the Knee

The guy I like a lot will tickle me there and it turns into a laugh attack

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28 Toes

Once I hid my boyfriend's popcorn just before we started a movie and he couldn't find it! So he took off my shorts and shirt and bra and taped me to the wall I got really scared he started to tickle my neck no response so then he called one of his friends who came in and started tickling me under my arms I started to giggle. Then they played me on a table and taped me to it. My boyfriend's friend went for my boobs, then my sides and stomach. I started giggling harder then he went for my feet I started laughing like crazy then he started nibbling at my toes I started screaming and then my older sister came to the rescue and ripped of the tape it hurt and to add insult to injury she KISSED my boyfriend and started tickling me again I had no strength to stop her even though I wasn't tied or taped

I HATE BEING TICKLED though I kinda like self tickling

I never admitted to anyone that I was ticklish on my toes, but my husband found out when he surprised me and took me to get a pedicure! I think my pedicurist kept touching my ticklish toes extra because she liked to see the enjoyment my husband got out of my squirming and helpless giggling... She kept looking over at him and winking! Now he offers to take me for pedicures all the time... I haven't gone back yet! LOL

There was a time where my friend put me in a boot and this little girl came up to me at recess and tickled my toes for 45 minutes in the boot! LOL

My toes are kind of ticklish at a sleepover my cousin started tickling me there I just laughed a little though

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29 Back

My back is really ticklish me and a group were at a sleepover and my friend asked her brother to give us all massages and I was first so he started massaging my back dragged his fingers down and I started giggling I guess he caught on because he started tickling my back for what felt like a hour my friends never let me live that down

My back is super ticklish. My friend made tickling gestures at me. I proceeded to cover my stomach and turned my back towards her. She then started tickling my back. It drove me wild. That's how I first discovered I was super ticklish there

I'm really really ticklish in my back today my friend kept poking my back with her pencil and I was trying not to laugh but in the end I yelled at her to stop tickling me now my other friend tries to tickle me but I'm just glad now one in class pays attention to me

My back is so sensitive ! One time I was at a friend’s house for a sleepover with two others and my friend (the host) decided it’d be nice to give each other back massages. I was scared because I knew I was ticklish there and I would squirm and laugh like crazy, I told them I didn’t want to but they said I should anyway. My friend put baby oil all over my back and started to massage it like normal. It tickled like CRAZY. I was squirming and giggling the whole time and they jut laughed at me. I think they’ve forgotten but I never will

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30 Top of the Feet

I'm ticklish every where on my feet. My friend and I sat in the shallow end by the little kids since we needed to rest after going upstairs to the water slides. She started to tickle my foot a little. I didn't laugh, but I almost did. I moved my foot away and my friend just smiled at me like she had a plan

I am so ticklish, it's unbelievable! However, I do love to tickle peoples feet, especially female feet. I have a bad foot fetish but I love it!

My feet are very ticklish all over and things tickle me even when I am barefoot in the grass it tickles like mad

Mine friend ticklish on her feet and mine to

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31 Side of Your Legs

I'm ticklish in this spot too

32 Inside the Ears

My cat is always trying to lick my ears just but her breath and whiskers are enough to make flinch from the ticklishness of it all. My ears are very sensitive!

I shiver and almost squirm whenever my girlfriend breathes into my ear, it tickles me to the point where I either jump or freeze!

My ears are very ticklish, I can't blow dry my hair near my ears without laughing. I get freaked out if people whisper in them

My dog breathes there... That's why she has a bruise on her snout...

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33 Undersides/Sides of Breasts

My cousin was over to watch me for the day. It was in the middle of summer and it really hot. I was there sitting in my chair with my pencil doing my homework. My cousin was laying on the couch with her bikini on because we were suppose to go to the pool. She was 22 with long hair and a flat smooth stomach. She soon fell asleep with her arms up above her head. I was so board having to finish my homework. So I decided to have a little fun and I remembered that my cousin was super ticklish. So I found some rope that I just so happened to have and moved to my bed and tied her spread eagle on it.i grabbed my pencil and started dragging it around on her stomach and sides. I got her to wake up and she started laughing uncontrollably. Now I had no idea her breasts were ticklish I just took the pencil and started to drag it along the edges of her breasts. She laughed harder than I have ever heard her laugh. She was squirming so much the knot in the back of her bikini became undone and her ...more

One day my friend and I wore bikinis outside,it was very hot, but anyway, I fell asleep in the sun and when I woke I couldn't see and couldn't move. I moved my head around when I heard a noise. I heard giggling from my friends. I realized I was still in my bikini. I felt nervous and embarrassed. I heard shushing and more giggling. I felt someones hand brush my foot.I laughed a bit. I felt someone near my foot, my fat belly, and my armpits. My hands held up and feet spread apart. I wiggled in the chair. Suddenly, everyone started to tickle me at once. I screamed. They kept tickling me when the friend tickle my belly brushed under my boobies. I screamed and begged and cried, just from when she brushed me." Guys! I found the sweet spot! How are u going to defend your self? " The girl behind me tickle my armpits went straight for my boobies! She grsped them in her hands and jiggled them around, sinking her nails in each time she jiggled. I gasped and huffed for breath. The back came ...more

My boyfriend always tickles right under my boobs & on the sides. He will slowly rub his fingers & dig them in & then wiggle them around making them jiggle. He will also lick me there & it tickles so bad. He has to tie me up when he does it because I squirm & giggle so much

They are so ticklish

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34 Lower Waist

My boyfriend is constantly tickling me because... I don't know why really? But my most ticklish spot is my lower waist, for what reason? I don't know but it drives me insain! I kinda injoy it but it tickles too much to really tell.

I have extremely ticklish lower waist

I've watched people get tickled in this spot and go wild! - Curti2594

My fiancé likes to sneak his finger in and run it along my jeans waistband! It kills! Luckily, I think he's more ticklish than I am, so I can retaliate! LOL

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35 Chest

I don't really think that it would tickle there because I've never been tickled.

It's like a lasting tickle feeling..

This probably does in fact tickle lots - Curti2594

I get this ticklish feeling deep in my chest when my hair brushes over my chest or if anything lightly touches it. Its kinda creepy cus usually I can make a tickle go away by rubbing it but the feeling doesn't go away there cus it feels so deep in my chest.

36 Nose

Careful when tickling someones nose cause they might sneeze! - Curti2594

My Nose Is SO Ticklish! Whenever I Get My Nose Kissed By My Boyfriend, I Laugh, And Once I Punched His face And Made Him Go To Hostpital! WARNING: IF YOU TICKLE ME IN NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES THAT MAY HAPPEN!

37 Supernumerary Nipple

I wish I had one of these so I could be tickled here


38 Back of the Neck

One time I was lying on my bed in my pjs (crop top and shorts) and my uncle came in and sat next to me and looked at my iPad screen to see what I was doing. All of the sudden he starts to stroke my ribs! (That's one of the places I'm kinda ticklish) I started to giggle like crazy. He stopped and grinned. He knew I was secretly ticklish on the back of my neck so... He started to stroke THE BACK OF MY NECK! I was dying of laughter and trying to push him away! He stopped after tickling me for 10 minutes. A little bit later I got him back by tickling his ribs! Haha

It's used by my friends sometimes. I don't know how they discovered it. Maybe one day my friend decided to try to tickle my neck? I think she found out in grade 4. I've been tickled on the neck by one particular friend 3 times, even thinking about it... -shudders-

One time I was on my bed in my pjs (crop top and shorts) and my uncle came in and sat next to my looking at my iPad screen. All of the sudden he starts stroking my ribs (that's one of the places that I'm sorta ticklish) I giggled like crazy then he stopped. He knew that I was secretly ticklish on the back of my neck. Uh oh! Then he gently starts stroking the back of my neck! I was laughing so hard and trying to get him to stop, he kept tickling me for 10 minutes. After words I went and got him back by tickling his ribs! Hehe

One time I was at my uncles place and I was lying on my bed looking at pictures from my vaca to Florida. So he came in and(Being a cheeky guy) he gently stroked my ribs. I smiled. Then he stroked the BACK OF MY NECK! I was rolling around and laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂 Then I got him back by tickling his ribs!

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39 Pantie Line

Once, my boyfriend and I decided to have a small, OK LONG make out section. He stripped me down to my panties and when he start to slide them off, I laughed hard. So he kept moving my panties up and down for what seemed like two hours, which it was. To add to this torture, he had been kissing the nipples of my boobs, my second worse tickle spot. He had me pinned, and I passed out. When I woke I was spread out, my panties off, as well as my bra. He came in, and used a massager to tickle my pantie line. I screamed like crazy. Long story short, I ended up peeing in front of him

When I have sex, my boyfriend just tickles me there again and again while he strips me down! He rubs my panties back and forth and it's so ticklish!

Okay... Now this is not a fair place to be ticklish! I should know--it's the worst place ever that I am ticklish. If my boyfriend tickles me here I literally almost pee immediately. He thinks it's hilarious of course.

I am ticklish other places... my feet, my belly, my sides, my armpits etc. but by far my most ticklish spot is mt pantie line... pretty much immediately after anyone starts tickling there, I'll start to pee

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40 Under the Chin

Last year was when my new friends discovered how ticklish I am. I moved schools last year and in my old school EVERYONE knew how ticklish I was and used it against me. For the first 2 months of my new school, no one tried to tickle me or touched me anywhere that I was ticklish. Until one day, in assembly, my friend Nicola (who isn't ticklish AT ALL) saw I was frowing so she put her finger under my chin and lifted it up, trying to make me smile. I laughed.. a lot. She must've put the 2 and 2 together because she said to me "oh, well this is intresting. It's always handy knowing if a friend is ticklish! " I swore and hid behind my best friend, thinking she wouldn't tickle me because she is even more ticklish than me and knows the torture it is. BIG MISTAKE. I guess she remebered all the times I used tickling against her and thought it was time for revenge. Long story short, mt friends said they had never seen me laugh so much in one go.

Can't stand it even lifting it tickles

I think this works more on guys by girls and it's kinda cute! - Curti2594

Once me and my boyfriend went to his house to watch a movie and his sister wanted to watch so we let her and there was a scene where this girl got tickled and his sister said "do you know how ticklish he is" I said no she said "just scratch him under his chin so I did and he started laughing and bursting with laughter and now I always tickle
Him under his chin

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