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41 Your Knee

"If you genitally wiggle you fingers on you knee it will tickle.

I tryed it it's so ticklish

42 Top of Mouth V 4 Comments
43 Hands

I LOVE THIS. My friends and I (being really mature) were playing round and round the garden. I always got really relaxed and sleepy while they did the hand bit on me (and then was brought back to earth with a jolt when they tickled under my arms)! feels like a massage

I don't know about everyone else, but my hands are so sensitive a single touch sends me into a laugh attack.

There's a spot between my thumb and index finger that when you stroke it lightly I go completely nuts, in a good way.

Mine friend joyce and I love this she tickle my hands

V 6 Comments
44 Lower Back

Never experience but I could imagine if a girl with long nails tried this on me! - Curti2594

O my gosh. My lower back is THE most ticklish spot ever.

Trust me you don't wanna expeirence it! JUST TRUST ME! - Somepeeps_dontcare

thank you

45 Arch of Toes

My boyfriend tickles me here and I'm a shreiking mess...whats worse is when he pins me down and says "that doesn't tickle, does it" as he relentlessly runs his fingers up and down my toes. I do love it but at the time feel like I'm going to die.

46 Upper Belly

Yup! I can't handle it.

Hell yes! - Somepeeps_dontcare

i can't - NZZN

47 Chin

Yes I em tickleish

48 Between Shoulder blades

Between my shoulder blades is THE WORST! It's the only place I can tickle myself and when my friends do it to me (for revenge, usually, for they know how ticklish I am) I just about DIE!

That's my preacher point

49 Between the Toes

I've watched girls go crazy when this spot is tickled - Curti2594

My masaug therapist massages me there and I can't help but laugh a little it tickles

Only GIRLS Curiti2594

50 Torso

Anywhere like my stomach, sides, ribs, waist etc. is so ticklish it's painful if any one even goes near the area of my stomach I look like I'm going crazy as if I'm trying to run from a wasp!

I'm very ticklish here, but I love the way it feels! Anywhere on my belly, sides, ribs, waist. I try to get my husband to tickle me there all the time! But stay away from my armpits! LOL

My cousin tickles me all the time we have tickle matches he always wins all he has to do is tickle my sides with his fingers while scratching my arm pits and the back of my ribs with his chin I died

Totes baf

V 5 Comments
51 Funny Bone

I threw a book at my cousin and it hit his funny bone and he just started laughing for like 20 minutes or something. If I knew his funny bone was ticklish I wouldn't have threw it because he is insanely ticklish but you can't blame me because when u do anything to my funny bone it hurts

I hit it against the wall the other day and it tickled so bad it never seems to hurt for me

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52 Elbow

Worst place to be tickled in public! Everyone thinks your crazy!

I've seen this drive people crazy! I don't know the reason but it can be effective - Curti2594

53 Wrist

I didn't think my best friend was ticklish for the LONGEST time! Which I didn't think was fair, because I'm ridiculously ticklish and she uses it against me often! Until, one glorious day, I was showing her this cool trick to make the veins in her wrist disappear. I ran my finger lightly down her wrist and she laughed so hard I thought she was gonna cry. I grinned and now I always use it against her, to 'make up for lost time'! It annoys her so much!

A little annoying but it's sensitive - Curti2594

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54 Calf

My calves are so ticklish! My one friend found this out! And uses it against me

55 Palm

I'm so so ticklish there because my hand is ticklish

56 Inside of Cheeks

If you touch the inside of your cheeky with your finger, it will tickle you. I bet you haha.

It's annoying there - Curti2594

It was relaksing to

Doesn't work

57 Side of Fingers

I was drawing around my hand the other day for a project in science and I never realised how damn ticklish they were! I had to stop because I couldn't take it anymore so my friend had to do it for me... I kept twitching and giggling and the hand drawing at the end was very wobbly. She said that I had to do it again because it came out so bad... Cringe

Wow, it really is ticklish there!

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58 Fingertips


59 Earlobe

If I rub my boyfriends earlobe he starts dieing like he turns all pink and tries to get away it's so funny when I kiss him and play with them

60 Behind Your Ears

A few times in social studies when we watched movies, the girl behind me would tickle me behind my ear and it would be torture trying not to laugh or get in trouble so I just sit there enduring it.

I never knew I was ticklish there until my boyfriend was giving me a hickey and crawled his way up to my hear and it tickled!

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