I was in music class playing do not laugh with two of my guy friends. They couldn't make me laugh so OF COURSE they tried to tickle me. They tried my neck. No reaction. Armpits. Nope. Knees got a slight smile. Then one of them went for a spot on the bottom of my ribs on the side. I lost it. I started silent laughing and squirming around. My friends started laughing at me and even MY TEACHER started laughing at me! Now they do it all the time. (i did get my revenge) - Mak19

I hate being tickled on my ribs because I can't take it when my boyfriend tickles me there he does it when I tease him about stuff but it tickles so much that when I laugh my face turns red my boyfriend loves to hear me laugh and he thinks it's cute to see me suffer the laughter my laugh is not very loud but you can tell that it is really tickling me if when I laugh I turn to my stomach and I can't breathe I just hate being tickled anywhere but I am ticklish everywhere but my ribs are the most ticklish place in my body

When my cousin and my niece decide that I need a good rib tickling, And they tickle them and start playing with them and counting them.

My boyfriend held me down and counted my ribs for a long time and I completely lost it I was crying it tickles so much and my boyfriend tickles me all the time and when we first met he asked me were my ticklish spot was and I said why do u ask he said I do not know and he tickles me and found my ribs and tickles them and found my tickle spot so he tickles me every time I see him

One time when I was in like 6th grade I was in band and this girl I forget her name was trying to get my attention and poked my ribs and I let out a squeak and then she started poking and I started laughing HARD! Then she poked my MOST TICKLISH SPOT ON EARTH, right below the bottom ribs. I was laughing and squealing everyone was staring and laughing and many said that I sounded like a mouse!

I'm really ticklish everywhere but my ribs are definitely my worst spot! One time I was in my English class and my friend poked me with her pencil. At first it was annoying but then she poked my ribs and I squeaked and fell off my chair in the middle of class! Now if she wants to get a secret out of me she goes straight for my ribs...

My older sis tickles me all the time she pinned me to the ground and started wiggled her fingers saying I'm going torture you good and moved her fingers closer I begged her not to but she tickled my ribs and sides till my mom told her to stop tickling me and let her have a go my sis held me down and my mom started tickling my sides tummy and ribs

My ex boyfriend came over to my house once and he grabbed his spikey bracelet and dragged it across my stomach and my ribs I laughed so hard... Now my new boyfriend has been challenged to tickle me and find my ticklish spots... I love being tickled

I was sleeping on my couch and I woke up only to find my 2 older guy cousins standing above me(16 and 22). Once I woke up they immediatly lifted up my shirt and tickled my ribs. They knew I was most ticklish there because they tickled me when I was younger and I have always been ticklish there. Then they sounded each rib one by one and it tickled so bad because the longer you tickle me the more ticklish I get. (I'm a girl by the way)

My SO likes to "count" my ribs... He starts at the bottom and counts really slowly, and then when I wiggle and laugh, he says "now you made me loose count" and starts all over again! What a tease!

Every time my friend pokes my ribs I scream and laugh extra hard haha he uses it as torture for food laugh out loud and I'm a girl :)))))

I'm a boy and I didn't think I was ticklish anywhere, people have tried to tickle me but have never got a reaction. My friend tested this as he didn't believe me and he got to my ribs I yelped and started laughing, he decided to tell everyone and now I'm always tickled there.

When ever my mom has time, she tickles me on the ribs and starts to count them one by one until I break out in laughter! She loves to torture me bye doing that! Still hilarious!

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far, away... It was a hot day, and my friends were over for the day. We headed to the pool, I wore a bikini. Once we were done, we went back to my house,and I took a shower. I had my towel on when one of my friends opened the door, and pulled me away, causing my towel to fall of f. My friends got rope, tape, and my thick winter scarf. They tied me to my parents bed in the spread eagle position, taped my mouth shut, and tied my scarf over my eyes so I could nt see. I started screaming when some one brush my foot with a feather. But it got worse. They tickled under my arms, both feet, the sides and under my breasts,my nipples,and every where. Once they got to my ribs they slowly started counting and tickling my ribs. I screeched in horror, and exploded with laughter, when they barely touch each."Awww looks like we found all your tickle spots,poor you. We are going to make you suffer. Bring out the toothbrushes, and hair brushes! " One commanded. I ...more

Every time I go to bed my husband comes and "counts my ribs" tickling and scratching each one! He ALWAYS hast to start over and by the end I'm so close to crying lol

My boyfriend is SOOO ticklish on his ribs. I tortured him by poking him in the rib cage softly and running a feather along them. I for one am not ticklish. ( I lied, I am on the corners of my lips, so I never kiss, it tickles. I'm crazy ) He usually tries to make some lip-action with me to tickle me, and I struggle away laughing. He knows it's ticklish there.

When I cuddle up next to my mom when we're watching a movie, every once in a while she'll wrap her arm around me and poke my sides and tickle my upper sides where my ribs are and I try to squirm away - laety_11

Once when I went to someone house to meet she said for being in my house you have to get this my shirt off and I get tickled non stop 2-hrs

My friend was over my house and had her knee digging into my ribs, and she applied pressure. Needless to say, I started giggling like a little girl.

My ribs are so ticklish that I can't stop laughing it is so sensitive that I can't stop laughing

I haven;t experienced this but I've seen people got nuts after being tickled there! Count them ribs and watch them squirm and laugh. people are insanely ticklish on their ribs! - Curti2594

Agggh, my upper ribs! My sister is 19, and she uses all 5 nails on her dang right hand! Back&forth on my upper 3 ribs!. I wish my upper ribs were tougher than that, ugh!

I haven't really been tickled before, but when I poke my ribs, it tickles so I MUST be ticklish there

Very ticklish there! Just thinking of getting my ribs tickled makes me giggle.

...Damn You Sebastian, Bloody Demon...That Is All I Must Say.