I'm a 16 year old girl and my most ticklish spot is my lover tummy. My older step brother was the first to discover it when he started tickling my belly when I was really young. At first he had just accidentally grazed there with his thumb but it tickled so much I squealed & kicked real hard so when he finally found it he tickled me there for like 10 minutes. My cousin always likes to tickle my tummy because my laugh gets really high & it turns into more of a high pithed giggle if I'm tickled there. He likes to make fun of me cause I'm still really ticklish & he's not ticklish at all.

My most ticklish spot is my belly. Just the other day, I was mad at my dad for not taking me to get my ears pierced. When my mom found out, she decided to cheer me up by holding me down on my bed and tickling the heck out of my belly. She had me jumping, squirming and laughing like crazy for about 10 minutes. When she was done, I had completely forgotten why I was mad and was grinning for the rest of the day.

Once at the beach I was in my bikini tanning and suddenly my mom reached over and stuck her index finger in my belly button and started wriggling it around and I almost died of laughter. This was how I found out my most ticklish spot and I never knew belly buttons could be so ticklish.

My mum absolutely loves to tickle torture my tummy sides and feet
She would ask if I wanted to be tickled usually I would say yes because I love to be tickled she would ask me to go get my pyjamas on and go lay on her double bed she blindfolded me with her sleeping shades and tie me up to her bed in spread eagle position and then without warning she would shout TICKLE TIME and scribble her long nails over my helpless sensitive feet and toes witch were covered in baby oil she would do this to my tummy as well rubbed baby oil on my tummy and arm pits torturing me all morning when I got out I loved it so much we done it every Saturday

When I was 4 and my cousin was 15. She used to take me to what she called the Bed of Laughter where she would tickle me. Ten years later I visited her house and the old bed of laughter became the guest bed where I slept. I went to go lay on it. Then she came in the room and said "Do you know what you're laying on? " "The guest bed." I responded. "No silly it's the Bed of Laughter and it really missed hearing your laughs." She ran to get some ropes. I tried to escape the room. But she came back and carried me back on the bed and lightly tickled me saying "You know you're. Not going to win. This'll be like old times." I started to think about it and surrendered. "OK fine, tickle me." I took my shirt off and she tied me to the bed. She remember my most ticklish spot was my stomach. As she tickled me she kept asking, who's the Tickle Master. After my turn was over, I got my revenge on her. It was fun

When I was in grade school I discovered tickling. In middle school and now in high school I am a tickling freak. I tickle all my friends tummies and sides. Especially after swim practice. All the girls changing I accidently brush against their sides and poke them. They think its fun, I think its awesome.
My girlfriend who sleeps over always lets me tie her up and tickle her. I love tickling her belly and belly button and sometimes her boobs. But she has a sexy inny belly button nice and deep. She will tie me up and tickle my feet and boobs, but I am definitely a stone cold tickler. Nothing gets me hotter than having my girlfriend tied up helpless, topless, and vulnerable for an endless tickle. Just by tickling and her and being in control makes me have a big O and I know she has one too.

My aunt came over a few weeks ago. Me, her, and my mom were sitting on the couch and she asked "Do you know what I used to do when you were a baby? ", and she slowly tried to roll up my shirt. "No, don't! " I said. "I think it's time for the tickles! "my aunt exclaims. Suddenly, my mom holds my arms back, and my aunt sits on top of me, and rolls my shirt up. I try to wiggle out, but I'm stuck. My aunt bend over and blows a huge raspberry on my tummy. "What a ticklish little baby girl! " She says. She blows another raspberry on my tummy, then one on my neck. My mom let's go of my arms and gets up, so I think the tickles are over. But then, my mom kneels down and starts pinching my sides. Then her and my aunt each blow a raspberry on my tummy at the same time, it tickles like crazy.

Once I was at my best (guy) friends house, I was 12 he was 13. We have known each other since we were small and have become quite close. So anyway, I was lying upside down on his bed, with my head over the side, and my tummy exposed (you can probably see where this is going lol) he moved over next to me and poked my tummy. SI am so ticklish and laughed a little. "Oh are you ticklish? " He said with a smirk. "What does it look like, of course I am! " I laughed. "don't give me attitude! " He laughed and started tickling and squeezing my tummy. I laughed and laughed so hard! I loved it though. "That's it! " I said, and started doing the same to him. He was even more ticklish than me and it was so funny. I tickled and tickled until he surrendered! Best night

When I was around 15 me and a few of my friends decided to hangout at my house over the summer. My house has a pool so we all put on our bikinis and jumped. A few minutes later me and my friends had decided to do this form of tag where when the person got tagged they would be tickled. So we started the game and I got tagged first, following the rules we all got out and I laid down on a nearby bench. My friends pinned me down and started to mercilessly tickle me all over. But the one spot that really got me was my stomach, I would go crazy whenever someone would tickle it. Soon all my friends were all tickling my belly, worst part is, we didn't specify how long the person would be tickled for so they kept tickling me for 45 minutes. This later happened to my friends but my tickling lasted longer and was more merciless.

One time, my friend and I were sitting on hay in the barn and I layed down on my back backwards and my shirt must of come up, because then she starred gently rubbing bailing twine on my belly! I screamed and grabbed her hands. then, she grabbed my hands and tied them up behind me on the grate on the window. I was like no no no no no! and she lifted my shirt all they way up and sat on my hips so I couldn't move very much at all and started gently rubbing the bailing twine all over my belly and it tickled so so so much and I couldn't stop her! then on top of that she stared using her fingers on my sides, ribs and belly button it tickled so much! I loved it!

Me and my boyfriend were watching a movie. I knew he was secretly ticklish, so I slowly and discretely stuck my hand under his shirt so I was touching his bare abs. He didn't seem to notice, so I started moving my finger in little circles round his stomach. He laughed a little, and told me he was ticklish there. Me being the devil I am, continued tickling, but got a bit more intense. I started squeezing, poking, all kinds of things! Then he put his arm around me and grabbed my side. I am extremely ticklish there, and he poked, tickled, squeezed, everything under the sun. I was in FITS of laughter and it was so funny. Instead of watching the movie we just had a big tickle fight

I always get pinned down by my older brother on my bed or floor and he lifts my shirt up tickling my tummy, sides, and bellybutton while blowing raspberries all over my belly. It tickles so much and I always laugh my head off whenever he does it!

Me and my boyfriend were just rolling around and play fighting and he started kissing me. He put his hand up my shirt and left it on my tummy and started lightly scratching it and I started giggling like mad he pinned me down and tickle my tummy soft touches for 10 minutes then he duct taped me to the floor and started useing feathers and electric tooth brushes to tickle me! He blow raspberries on my belly button as that's my weakness and he tickle to utter hell for about 2 hrs! But I guess I kinda enjoyed it;) I got him back though that story is in arm pits if you wanna find it though:) it's called revenge

My belly button is insanely ticklish and my sister knows this so she lifts up my top and just tickles the crap out of it :(

I was at my friends birthday party, I live down the street so I walked over, he said we were playing tackle manhunt. We went to the nearest park and his sister said she didn't wanna na tackled. She was following me around and they had to tackle me to count for both. We were hiding around a school and we were waiting for the round to end. I knew that she was extremely ticklish so I said I had some tips. I said the easiest way to tackle was to tickle, I grabbed her and started tickling her sides, I moved to her stomach, and even dipped in the belly button. She was squirming and laughing. Eventually I stopped cause the round ended. Favorite manhunt game ever.

My friend Liz that I rarely see (she lives in the country) has a single bed. She has a gap between it and the wall, and some teddy bears to help fill it, but I kept getting stuck so my head was down and my collarbone down was sticking out, one of the times I was stuck, she started tickling my belly and I was begging for her to stop, but she didn't try to tickle very hard and didn't for very long before she helped me out. I honestly don't know where I'm ticklish, but I know sides and belly is a possibility, neck IS ticklish, maybe feet and I'm sure armpits.

I feel very embarrassed that I am a bit ticklish. Only my mother and my cousin Shelly know. That was until my girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) was at home with me studying for a chemistry test. She went to the bathroom and I laid back to rest for a bit and my belly got exposed as I laid down. She sat next to me and seemed had a look on her face and I got nervous. She then sat on top of me and lightly stroked around my belly button. I shivered and chuckled a bit. She then continued to tickle my belly over and over again for about an hour that night.

My ticklish tummy story
My cousin and I are both girls she's 16 and I'm 14. We are both extremely ticklish. My grandfather once tickled us unmercifully until we have him what he wanted. But one day I started tickling my cousins sides ever so lightly which made her laugh hysterically. She then pushes me off and tickles me tummy lightly around my belly button and just above my pants line it drove me insane I was laughing loudly and thrashing. Tears were streaming down my face. She always tickles me now knowing I have a weakness to feathers and light touches.

Once my mom had a diner party with our neighbours wile they were eating me and the neighbours kids went upstairs Madison (the oldest one about the same age as me 12) pushed me on to her bed and pind me down her sis summer grabbed my legs and the youngest one Darcy sat on my waist and started to tickle my tummy I giggled and squirmed so summer started to lightly tickle my feet I laughed and started to squirm harder after about 10min they finally stopped and got of me I was laying there still giggling Darcy came up to me and looked at me I grabbed her and started tickling her stomach she instantly started laughing and squirming this continued for 20min

One time I was wearing a crop top and shorts and I was being bored in my young brothers room. We were just hanging around and talking when I accidentally poked him in the ribs. He's REALLY ticklish there so he started to laugh and gave me a smile. I grinned and well I was REAALLLY bored so I kept poking and tickling him. Finally he grabbed my hands and pinned me down onto the floor. I knew I was in for it now. He started to tickle my ribs, sides and armpits. All he got was a giggle and a smile. Then he tickled my belly I started to laugh and squirm like I was mad. He did this for 10 minutes. Then he grinned evily and said "That was just a warm up Em" then he reached behind my neck... And... Knowing that that was my #1 most ticklish spot besides from my belly... He tickled it like mad! I was laughing and laughing so hard. By the end I was nearly in tears

Once I was spider tickled by my brothers friend. We were in my attic waiting for him. He was taking a while to get home and we were getting bored. I put on a make sift blindfold using a tie and said surprise me. He started to spider tickle me, it was insanely ticklish and only lasted like five minutes. My brother walked in and saw me getting tickled, he then sat on my arms and tickled my armpits while his friend tickled my stomach. But I can't blame them, who doesn't like tickling a girl, right.

My dads a band teacher and makes me work my hardest in band well anyway once at home me and my dad were working on my band music (I play trumpet by the way) and I kept playing the wrong note and he said if I got them right in the next 3 tries he wouldn't tickle me but if I didn't he would tickle me every time until I got it right so knowing me I played it wrong because it was all really hard notes and he dived straight for my belly and I went into hysterics the he moved onto my sides and ribs then came back and got my belly button I was squealing be then

One time I went to my cousin's house because I had to be watched for the day. So I got there early in the morning so she was laying down on the couch. She had her arms stretched over her head which pulled her shirt up showing her flat stomach. I went over to her and started dragging my finger around on her stomach. She stated to giggle a little. I asked if I could tickle her and I guess she was bored because she said yes. So I pulled her shirt up more and started tickle her stomach and belly button. Now whenever I go there I tickle her.

My girlfriend and her friends pinned me down and tickled my stomach for 20 minutes, then they all took turns getting tickled.

Once I was about to go to sleep and my because didn't want me to go to sleep so my hands were behind my head and my shirt was up just enough to show my most ticklish part of my stomach my bottom part so she came up and started wiggling and tickling my stomach I started laughing like crazy but really I loved it because when somebody else tickles me I don't like it but when she tickled me it feels amazing and I love it when she tickled me and when she tickled me she says like a hundred times tickle torture tickle time tickle torture tickle time