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81 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

I didn't know that such an emotion can be there in a rock song. Sometimes it makes me cry... Just an awesome song...

This is one of my favorite songs ever... I cried when I listened this song for the first time...

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82 Falling Slowly - Glen Hansard

This is a very beautoful song...i was surprised to find a list like this about touchy songs and I think although there are much better songs ratherthan this...this should be in the list in a high least above 50...if you haven't listened to this I recommend you's in the motion pics and it's a great song which seriously did touch my heart...

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83 Let Her Go - Passenger V 2 Comments
84 Vincent - Don McLean
85 Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne

It's very beautiful song I always cry when I hear it

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86 Anywhere - Evanescence
87 Kindness - AcoustiMandoBrony

A great song overall. I've never seen an artist bring meaningful lyrics with a beat that will keep you listening from beginning to end together in this fashion. Top 20 most meaningful songs easily

You can what ever you want about the song, but it will always hit you just right

88 Lost Boy - Ruth B
89 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

This song literally made me cry

90 Sunadokei - L'Arc~en~Ciel
91 Uyire Uyire - K.S. Chithra
92 You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

Such a beautiful and meaningful song.

93 Coming Back Down - Hollywood Undead

I loved this so much, a person who has passed away is certain to be respected, and this places this so perfect! Hollywood undead certainly did an amazing job on this song! I recommend you all to listen to it at least once!

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94 Paderiyen - K.S. Chithra
95 Nan Thai - K.S. Chithra
96 Forgot About Dre - Dr. Dre

Whoever put this on here is an idiot. How did a Dr. Dre song touch you? Honestly. Retard.

97 As Long As You're There - Charice

A beautiful song. Very beautiful one. It captures this heart of mine. Truly wonderful. - hatcher234

98 I Don't Believe You - Pink

I cry when I hear this song.

99 Until the End of Time - Justin Timberlake
100 Love Can't Lie - Sarah Geronimo

Great songs with great meanings. Sarah is sarah. She touched my heart - rayaxyle

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