Most Tramautizing Movies for Kids


The Top Ten

1 The Brave Little Toaster

Let's see...this film not only has talking appliances, but it also includes an air conditioner dying from a heart-attack, Toaster leaves an innocent flower to die, Blanky nearly getting eaten alive by rats, then they come across the "scary forest of death", Toaster has a VERY DISTURBING clown dream, Lampy getting struck by lightning, Kirby choking on his own cord, appliances nearly dying in mud, before coming across "little chop shop of horrors which is infested with Frankenstein-hybrid appliances, then meeting a bunch of "local" appliances who think they are more "useful", then the main appliances had to bare watching cars inform about their once purposeful life in song as they end up getting crushed and killed, their master nearly gets crushed HIMSELF (because the person CONTROLLING THE MAGNET didn't give a damn about it), and finally there's the Toaster committing suicide to save them all...

And this movie is STILL G-RATED?

2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

That scene when Jean Claude Frollo looks like a devil with his knife in hand. He also tried to stab Quasimodo in the back. - Hernandez1614

Jean Claude Frollo is a JERK.

3 Pinocchio

I don't care what anyone thinks of this movie, I'm still NEVER going to show it to my kids.

4 The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy's clothes scare me. So dumb... - Pikachulover1

5 Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Why this movie?
Watch the boat scene! - Hernandez1614

6 All Dogs Go to Heaven

Will your precious dog go to heaven or hell? - Hernandez1614

7 Gremlins

Any part with the evil ones. - Hernandez1614

This movie was great - disturbedbomb

8 Hocus Pocus

When they take your soul so they can get younger is pretty scary as a kid. - Hernandez1614

9 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
10 Mickey and the Beanstalk

Donald Duck goes crazy. - Hernandez1614

The Contenders

11 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

When Large Marge does that to her face, she looks like a brainless monkey that needs adoption. - TeamRocket747

Large Marge... Enough said

Two words : Large Marge

Tell em

12 The Witches
13 Spirited Away

Those Guys who eat people, blood, having your parents turned into pigs, what is this?

My first anime movie. It was good, but it was dark.

14 Son of the Mask
15 Watership Down

Those creepy visions traumatized me as kid.

16 The Secret of NIMH
17 Return To Oz
18 Disney's a Christmas Carol
19 Ringing Bell
20 The Dark Crystal
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