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21 Undertale: Sans Boss Fight

Nah, I'm totally glad he died.

Nah, I'm glad he died.

Well...Once again...we can't have a video game related toptenslist without undertale. The sans boss fight was not traumatizing at ALL, it was kinda sad to fight an old friend from the pacifist-neutral routes, because he was my favorite character, and his first and last quotes during the battle:"Kids like you should be burning in..." and "I'm heading to Grillby's,papyrus do you want anything? " It was not traumatizing or even scary period. - GreenPizza0511

22 Mother 3: Club Scene

Break the woobie. Search this up on TvTropes and you will understand. You will.

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23 Earthbound: Radiation's Halloween Hack
24 Mass Effect 3: Admiral Anderson's death.

'You did good son, you did good. I'm... Proud of you' Last words. Simply epic.

Shocking how he had to die at the end since he was there since ME1.

25 Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Death Easter Egg

There is a switch by your train station and if you turn it on 6 times you go to another village and reads at the top it seem you have vanished from your world it is so scary

By the train station there is a switch if you activate the switch 6 times you go to a diffrent town and a the top of the screen it says it seems you have vanished from your world

Will it reset the game? - GreenPizza0511

26 Undertale: Omega Flowey
27 Undertale: Alphys X Amalgamates
28 Grand Theft Auto 4: Kate/Roman's Death
29 Super Paper Mario: The River Twygz

The river itself isn't scary traumatizing itself, but the huge amount of hands below the surface trying to grab you sure is. Let's not forget the "music" in the background. If you haven't heard it, look up River Twygz Bed. It's a terrific source of nightmare fuel. And remember, this game is rated E for everyone!

The music isn't so bad when you think about how it sounds like it's saying "apples and s***" - purpleyoshi98

30 Injustice Gods Among Us: Shazam's Death
31 Mother 3: Claus Dies

So sad

Laugh out loud

32 The Cover Art - Mega Man 1
33 Sonic 2006: Getting Stun-Locked Against a Wall by Silver

This Glitch Ruined Silver's Reputation

This is why I always imagine Silver as a troll. Watch Sykoh play the glitchfest of it and you'll see...

:Sonic, battling Silver:
Silver: it's no use! Take this!
Anywho, it's not really "traumatizing" just annoying.

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34 Borderlands 2: Revisiting Fyrestone
35 Borderlands 2: Roland's Death
36 Undertale: Tainted Pacifist Ending
37 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Dead Hand grabs you
38 Sherlock Holmes: Creepy Watson

Its slender in detective form

39 Submerged Castle: Pikmin

Two words. Water. Wraith.

40 Wario Land 4: Golden Diva's True Face Is Revealed
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