The Most Under-appreciated Movies


The Top Ten

1 I Dreamed of Africa
2 The Real McCoy
3 Copycat
4 The Cable Guy

Hey you want illeagal cable

5 Dangerous Game
6 Alien 3
7 Ultraviolet
8 The Net
9 Body of Evidence
10 Mimic

The Contenders

11 The House of Mirth

Heck, everything Gillian Anderson does besides the X-Files is under-appreciated.

12 Gloria
13 Elizabethtown
14 Blade Runner
15 Hot Rod

One of the funniest movies made in the last 10 years - crazyeyes56

16 What About Bob?

One of the most under rated movies. It's Bill Murray at his best and like nobody's ever heard of it.

the title I think is what throws allot of people off about it, but it really is a great film. - I<3Queen

17 Equilibrium
18 Boondock Saints
19 Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
20 Anaconda

awesome movie...jennifer lopez is great and so hot. - jwileson

21 Dark City

This is an INCREDIBLE film. Richard O'Brien is incredible in it! A real thriller. - RiffandMagenta

22 The Insider
23 Fearless
24 Barry Lyndon
25 Rounders

Fantastic performances by damon and norton

26 Heaven's Gate
27 The Day of the Locust
28 Enough
29 Highlander
30 The Conversation
31 The Parallax View
32 Prince of the City
33 Citizen Ruth
34 King of the Hill
35 SLC Punk
36 Electra Glide in Blue
37 Blow Out
38 Just Friends
39 Blast From The Past
40 Point of No Return
41 Nemesis Game
42 Sheena
43 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
44 Elektra
45 Tamara
46 House
47 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot
48 Night of the Hunter

I know peole don't vote for old movies but this was a movie that flopped because it's so strange and ahead of it's time yet it's one of the best movie's I've ever seen!

49 The Buttercream Gang
50 Orphan
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