Most Underrated 20th Century Fox Movies of the '80s

The Top Ten

1 Millennium

Underrated but so cool movie - Alexandr

2 Ladyhawke

After this movie I became a Michelle Pfeiffer fan. Great movie that depicts real atmosphere of that time - Alexandr

3 The Fly II

Decent sequel, I like it - Alexandr

4 Alien Nation

Everyone knows T.V. show Alien Nation but this movie started it all - Alexandr

5 Paris, Texas

Wim Wenders' drama with Nastassja Kinski. Very well directed and acted - Alexandr

6 Black Widow

Debra Winger never disappoints me - Alexandr

7 Jumpin' Jack Flash

Great comedy with awesome Whoopi Goldberg - Alexandr

8 The Jewel of the Nile

I think this movie was as good as original - Alexandr

9 Terror Train

Great and creepy thriller with Jamie Lee Curtis - Alexandr

10 Rhinestone

My own guilty pleasure film. I love Sly Stallone and Dolly Parton - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Mannequin
12 SpaceCamp
13 Off Limits
14 Streets of Gold
15 Half Moon Street

Great but so underrated and overlooked British-American erotic thriller with Sigourney Weaver, Michael Caine and Patrick Kavanagh. - Alexandr

16 Wisdom
17 The Name of the Rose
18 The Manhattan Project
19 Enemy Mine
20 Blame It on Rio
21 Less Than Zero
22 The Pick-Up Artist (1987)
23 The Star Chamber
24 The Osterman Weekend
25 Bad Dreams
26 How I Got Into College
27 A Night in Heaven
28 Tattoo
29 Project X
30 Lucas
31 The Man With One Red Shoe
32 Turk 182
33 Unfaithfully Yours
34 Johnny Dangerously
35 Satisfaction
36 A Night In the Life of Jimmy Reardon
37 Worth Winning
38 Enemies, a Love Story
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