Most Underrated '90s Ballads


The Top Ten

1 Bad Girl - Madonna

Beautiful and intriguing track with brilliant video. It should have been way bigger hit - Irina2932

This got what it deserved on the charts, flopdem

2 One by One - Cher

One of Cher's greatest songs. Nice vocal - Irina2932

3 Come Back to Me - Janet Jackson

Recorded in 1989 but released in 1990 - very deep and beautiful track - Irina2932

Janet Who?

4 Half the World - Belinda Carlisle

You can't be indifferent listening to this wonderful track - Irina2932

5 Miracle - Whitney Houston

Surprisingly not big but still wonderful and powerful ballad - Irina2932

6 The Power of Good-bye - Madonna
7 Way of the World - Tina Turner
8 Mama - Spice Girls
9 Winter - Tori Amos
10 Every Time - Janet Jackson

Rhythm nation just redone?

The Contenders

11 Let's Make a Night to Remember - Bryan Adams

Unfortunately, not many people know that Bryan has such a wonderful song - Irina2932

12 Everyday - Phil Collins

That was a good ballad, unappreciated by others. People who liked Phil Collins should realise that it's one of the best he done to record. It's also the only best song of his Both Sides album.

13 Let It Flow - Toni Braxton
14 Cold - Annie Lennox

My favorite song from Annie Lennox actually. - theOpinionatedOne

15 All Is Full of Love - Björk
16 No Ordinary Love - Sade
17 1000 Oceans - Tori Amos
18 My Heart Will Go On - Céline Dion
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