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1 Angel Eyes

A great starting, one of the best song beginnings I've ever heard! Like it so much! The best song on the voulez-vous, in my opinion.

I love it! Definitely one of my favourites! I just discovered it and it's amazing! - ivylee

2 My Love, My Life

Agnetha looks and sounds angelic on this song which has classical music overtones. I urge voters to view the videos of this song on YouTube, it's amazing. - ekos

She truly looks like an angel from heaven when singing on YouTube. It's like she's in the mist, singing so beautifully! - ivylee

Beautiful song, beautiful agnetha!

3 The Name of the Game

I think this song is absolutely amazing just like any other ABBA song!

Yep, this is indeed amazing! - ivylee

So sweet!

In my opinion the bet anyway.
But why is it listet here as underrated?
It really had a moderate chart success!

4 Lovelight

I love how the lyrics change from dreary and sad to happy and cheerful, after finding love. Agentha and Frida's voices are just amazing! - ivylee

5 Happy Hawaii

One of my all time favorites. The opening piano sets the melancholy tone even though the song seems upbeat and cheerful. It isn't. It's a wonderfully perfect example of the dichotomy that is ABBA's trademark: sadness hidden in buoyant pop.

I really like this one. The lyrics and music really do remind you of Hawaii, it's very relaxing. - ivylee

6 Rock Me

Nice song. This was a top 5 hit in Australia. It's nice to live somewhere where ABBA is so respected.

7 Summer Night City

I love this song! Definitely deserves more attention! - ivylee

8 I've Been Waiting for You

A true masterpiece! With such eloquent lyrics, beautiful voices and the incredible harmonies I believe that this song is just overall amazing and is quite underrated and many more individuals should listen to it.

9 When I Kissed the Teacher
10 Another Town, Another Train

My favourite song from their album Ring Ring! - ivylee

Very relaxing!

The Contenders

11 King Kong Song

This one is fun!

12 If It Wasn't for The Nights

This exhilarating, disco-tinged and fully orchestrated shuffle could have been a classic single from Voulez Vous, and it only adds to it's mystique that it wasn't. This is surely ABBA's greatest ever album-only track. Apart from Happy New Year. And Slipping Through My Fingers.

Upbeat but with accurate relatable lyrics. Never fails to make me smile

13 People Need Love
14 When All is Said and Done

This song of it was promoted like dancing queen and other songs it could have been there biggest hit in the USA and Canada

One of the best ABBA songs, used to be my favourite of theirs

15 Eagle

Epic! Immortal!

This song has grown on me over the years from something I considered OK in 1986 to utter genius and beautiful in 2017

16 Under Attack
17 So Long
18 Honey, Honey

Love it!

19 Slipping Through My Fingers

I find this song beautiful! It shows that life is too short. It's a sad but beautiful at the same time. - ivylee

20 Tiger
21 The Visitors

Undeniably catchy - a fitting last lead single for such a successful group

22 Soldiers
23 As Good as New
24 Kisses of Fire

I really like the lyrics on this one, does explain lot and more. - ivylee

25 Hole In Your Soul
26 I'm a Marionette
27 Move On

This is underrated! Has a soundly tune and peaceful melody! The lyrics are amazing! - ivylee

28 He is Your Brother
29 Hey, Hey Helen
30 Disillusion
31 Bang-A-boomerang
32 Money, Money, Money
33 Hasta Manana
34 Crazy World

I like Bjorn's singing in this one and the lyrics do tell a story. - ivylee

35 Andante, Andante

Very nice!

36 Our Last Summer

This has been my favorite forever!

37 Nina, Pretty Ballerina
38 Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)

I actually really like this song, one of their most underrated ones! - ivylee

39 Head Over Heels
40 Hasta MaƱana

I find this one very sweet and is also underrated. - ivylee

41 That's Me

I really like the song and Agnetha's and Frida's voices together. - ivylee

42 On and on and On
43 Tropical Loveland
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1. When All is Said and Done
2. Tiger
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2. King Kong Song
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1. Angel Eyes
2. Lovelight
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