Most Underrated Action Movies


The Top Ten

1 Shoot 'Em Up

Superb Crime/Action/Comedy with hot Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci - Alexandr

2 The Rundown
3 To Live and Die in L.A.
4 Lock Up

One of the greatest Sly Stallone movies... And one of the most underrated too. Great combination of Action and Drama - Alexandr

5 The Long Kiss Goodnight

One of the best Action movies ever. And female character is the main "kicker" here - Alexandr

6 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
7 Largo Winch

Better than most of the crap from Hollywood - Alexandr

8 Snowpiercer
9 The Tournament

Fantastic Non-Stop Action movie with great fights and suspense - Alexandr

10 Haywire

The Contenders

11 Demolition Man

Stallone vs Snipes...enough said - jared5

12 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Many interesting characters and great story - Alexandr

A film destined to be a cult classic

13 Strange Days (1995)
14 Blue Steel

This movie made $8 million. Usually that is not a good sign, and the 1990 Oscar committee will not be filled with regret
For neglecting this film, but it is pretty solid. It is made largely so by Ron Silver's excellent performance as a socially
Maladjusted murderer, just as he was reaching his peak as an actor in the early 1990s. - Alexandr

15 Rambo III

Come On! It was superb trequel - Alexandr

16 Ronin
17 Captain America: Civil War Captain America: Civil War
18 RocknRolla
19 Resident Evil - Apocalypse

You can disagree but this part is my favorite in the series - Alexandr

20 Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
21 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

It was my favourite action movie till I watched age of ultron

22 Attack the Block
23 Tears of the Sun
24 Doom
25 Avengers: Age of Ultron
26 Suicide Squad
27 Deep Rising
28 A Better Tomorrow
29 The Way of the Gun
30 Bird on a Wire

Mel Gibson + Goldie Hawn - Alexandr

31 Stone Cold
32 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
33 16 Blocks
34 Turbo Kid
35 Driven to Kill
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