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Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor and director. He is mostly known for his role as Dean Winchester on the CW fantasy series Supernatural. He is also known for his roles in television as Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives, which earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, as well as Alec/X5-494 more.


Jensen Ackles is a pretty amazing actor. He can be in a scene where he is asked to cry and he will make you cry. If asked to make you laugh, he can do that too. In fact, he's been in a few horror flicks, comedy films and/or romantic sitcoms, so he knows his way around acting. He can be in a scene where he is asked to make a joke and the joke genuinely sounds like something he would say, but is in fact, scripted. That fact that this guy can make scripted lines sounds to real and true to himself is what makes for good television. He makes you forget that you are watching a show, and that's pretty amazing.

Jensen Ackles is a amazing person and actor. He can do comedy, drama, action, and many other things. He can make someone laugh and cry at the same time. Not only is he an attractive person but an amazing person. He is so humble even through all of the compliments he has. He is so talented and he delivers all of his lines so perfectly. He is definitely one of my favorite actors. He deserves so much more recognition for his work and he should be in so many more films because he is definitely one of a kind.

I used to love Supernatural, and even stuck with it through it's later seasons without knowing why, then I realized it was Jensen. Yes, he is very handsome, but that isn't what makes me like him so much. He is a truly great actor in everything he is in (little as it is). My Bloody Valentine didn't do so well, but not because of him. He made his character believable. He really makes you believe he is the character he is playing, and that is what an actor should do. Stuck in Supernatural, it is probably hard for him to really branch out, especially with people only seeing him as Dean Winchester when he should be seen as Jensen Ackles.

I've never been more impressed by an actor than I have been by Jensen Ackles. His characters are so real, I have to constantly remind myself that Dean Winchester does not actually exist. He has the ability to bring any character to life with passion and rare talent. He shines in any role and I know that I will continue to be amazed, shocked by, and entertained by this WAY too underrated actor.

Jensen Ackles does an amazing job at protraying Dean Winchester. I feel like I truly know Dean personally and that makes me smile so much. I connected with Dean and it tears my heart out when he does The One Perfect Tear. Not only is he an amazing actor, but his personality is amazing! He's kind, loving, goofy, handsome, and hilarious! I really want people to recognize Jensen because he deserves all the awards!

I met Jensen last summer, he didn't come off as someone who's like, yeah I'm famous and all that. He struck me as a real genuine, humble, respectful guy who would give the shirt off his back to help someone. He's considerate and thoughtful and Keen to the work that he does, he doesn't take all the credit. He's sincere and very humbled by his success and I admire that. He's funny too and can turn on those moments like a light switch. He's a force to be with if he goes to the big screen, he's a very versatile and incredible talent on all levels.

I agree with everyone else and what they said about Jensen ackles he does make you feel something for any character he takes on and that's what an actor is supposed to do let us feel for the character and he does that wonderfully. I just wish he got more respect as an actor because he deserves to be known; and don't get me started with the one single tear thing he does make my heart melt and you just want to cry with him.

Jensen Ackles can do it all and much better than many A-list celebrities you see on the big screen. He can be funny, macho, and incredibly moving with his emotional performances. He's one of the best actors I've seen (especially on television) and more people should know about this incredibly talented man!

Dean Winchester is an extremely complex, highly damaged man with a lot of emotional baggage who could easily be played over the top by a lesser actor, or played as simply a shallow jerk, especially given that he is a character on a genre show. Jensen Ackles not only plays him with restraint and subtlety, but manages to make every unbelievable thing that happens to him believable. He plays elements from real life such as child abuse, abandonment issues, alcoholism, PTSD, and depression in a world inhabited by ghosts and demons and is utterly believable in his portrayal. He is far more than a pretty face, and is truly talented.

Since I was in 5th grade, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester has been my hero. He was... IS... Handsome, talented, and absolutely wonderful. I found myself becoming intrigued with his ability to act out anything. He made me laugh, cry, and love him. It's a shame some people do not get the privilege to enjoy Jensen's amazing acting. He is also awesome as a person. Jensen Ackles definitely deserves more.

Jensen Ackles is a amazing actor who unfortunately doesn't get the praise or attention he deserves because his show is on a "network" no one respects. If he'd been on a network show he'd be up for all the big awards. Drama, from the person to the epic, to comedy, from the subtle to the slapstick, he can show the biggest heart to kicking the most ass and be convincing doing it all.

There's something about his eyes that make your heart stir and ache at the same time. He can sit there and not say a single word and still convey everything he needs to. It still blows my mind to this day when people ask me who this 'Jensen Ackles' that I'm in love with is because a man with talents like that need to be acknowledged.

Jensen Ackles has a talent that is beyond his years. The way he delivers his lines and the way he becomes his character is absolutely stunning. There is nothing about Jensen that I don't love, whether it be his acting or the roles he chooses. Jensen is definitely underrated, and that should end.

Jensen Ackles is is both Jensen Ackles, and Dean Winchester. He IS his character. He doesn't have to TRY at all. He expresses emotion in a manly way-- which is just the way Dean would do it. You can see the pain behind Dean's wall of masculinity because of Jensen. Dean may be the character's name, but Jensen is his personality.

This man can give an emmy worthy performance in any situation. He is hilarious and genuine. But he can be heartwrenching. His acting will literally make you feel like your heart is being ripped out. Isn't that what we want as viewers? We want the stories we invest our lives into to make us feel; feel things that are different from our normal lives, or are so similar that we relate on a personal level. It helps us cope with life. Jensen Ackles is a phenomenal, awe-inspiring actor, and a beautiful person.

Just watch him in the later season if the show, the subtleties of the emotions he conveys, and minor facial expressions and tone inflections, are what just has me watch scenes over and over... it gives me chills. Give this guy an Emmy already... And Tarantino cast him in something! I am so curious to see what he could pull out Jensen.

He's just so talented. He can convey 100 emotions in just one look. He can say a thousand things in the way he delivers one sentence. He has more talent than a lot of the actors that win all of the awards. I really wanted to vote for a couple of others on this list as well, but Jensen was my winner.

Honestly, Jensen Ackles is one of the best actors ever. You can really see the effort in each and every one of his different actors, and they all have different personalities. If it weren't for them all having the same face, you wouldn't even know it was him. And that's true acting.

Jensen is an aweson actor and person. He is so talented in whatever he does. His facial expressions are priceless. When he is acting it's like your right there in the same room. The charities he does he puts his heart into it. The emotion he does for a scene it feels so real. Jensen is the best actor in the world, so he deserves awards. He is outstanding in whatever he does. So I think he is the best man in the business.

Jensen is and will always be my favorite actor. The way he makes me feel through his character Dean in Supernatural is explainable. He deserves an Emmy or something. I mean how many actors can really actually cry for a scene? Jensen can do that and so much more. Thank you for giving life to Dean Winchester.

Jensen Ackles is the best actor of his age on television but he is on a lower budget genre show on a net work aimed at a younger audience and as a result few have had the chance to experience the amazing talent that is Mr. Ackles.

Jensen has an amazing talent; he flawlessly goes between serious heart-wrenching drama and laugh-til-you-cry humor. His versatile characters in movies and shows only shows the depth of his talent. Not to mention he can sing, dance, and model!

Jensen can portray so many emotions and especially in Supernatural he has played different versions of his character and nailed it every time.

Actors on CW shows never get considered for serious awards because the channel is a "silly teenager" channel. That doesn't mean there aren't people on those shows who aren't as good if not better actors than the last 10 Best Actor Oscar winners.

Those eyes are able to deliver the emotions of what the character is feeling, and I think that that's the most important thing of being a successful actor; capable of delivering those emotions without even saying a single word..