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21 Guy Pearce Guy Pearce

I wanted to vote for Sam Rockwell too, but can't : ( most underrated actor of all time. And Paddy Considine. Oh well.

22 John Cusack John Cusack V 1 Comment
23 Michael Kenneth Williams
24 Mads Mikkelsen Mads Mikkelsen
25 Colin Farrell Colin Farrell

While a dirt bag in his personal life, he exudes an incredible charm on camera

26 Dean Cain
27 Ed Harris
28 Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Eisenberg Jesse Adam Eisenberg is an American actor, author, playwright, and humorist. He made his television debut with the short-lived comedy-drama series Get Real.

The social network, the squid and the whale, adventureland and NOW YOU SEE ME
Come on, this guy is awesome

29 Casper Van Dien

An actor you'd wish to see regularly, a couple of flops isn't really his fault, I really do wish that his career gets a boost soon

Got typecast into a roll after Starship Troopers. Actually, a very talented actor.

30 Robert Joy

Great film in art Robert Joy serial killer his name Resurrection. Joy his art intellect killer Gerald Demus. Great intellect and good costume. Super scenerie.

Robert Joy is film speed and intelectual master merder. He loke individual people and red bonnet is kill to big small and apostol people.

31 Sean Bean Sean Bean Shaun Mark Bean, known professionally as Sean Bean, is an English actor. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, he made his professional debut in a theatre production of Romeo and Juliet in 1983. Retaining his distinctive Yorkshire accent, he first found mainstream success for his more.

Just perfect in every movie since Lord of the rings
Always a great performer no doubts.

And now... Whit the recent job in (Game of Thrones) its getting better and better!...

32 William Hurt
33 Luke Wilson
34 Mark Dacascos
35 Forest Whitaker

Good one. I don't remember seeing Whitaker in the Top Tens best actors survey, and he certainly should have been.

Good list. I don't see one overrated actor in this top 20, and usually there are several.

This is so true I totally forgot about him.

36 Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon Kevin Norwood Bacon is an American actor and musician whose films include musical-drama film Footloose, the controversial historical conspiracy legal thriller JFK, the legal drama A Few Good Men, the historical docudrama Apollo 13, and the mystery drama Mystic River.
37 Paul Dano

There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine, 12 Years a Slave

38 Daniel Bernhardt

D. Bernhard is good fighter to taekwondo, and my love role is Mortal Kombat Conquest (Siro). Dramatic fighter, stale redy, and brave heart. His energy an speed.

39 Antonio Sabato Jr.
40 Eric Bana Eric Bana Eric Bana is an Australian actor and comedian. He began his career in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal before gaining critical recognition in the biographical crime film Chopper.

Very intense on screen, makes everyone else look 2D

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