Most Underrated Adam Sandler Movies

The Top Ten

1 Spanglish

No Adam Sandler movies that are not underrated (Happy Gilmore, Hotel Transylvania, Grown Ups, etc.)

Very beautiful movie plus Adam's serious acting was impressive - Alexandr

2 Punch-Drunk Love

A bit weird but still nice - Alexandr

3 Jack and Jill

Underrated beacause it sucks - VideoGamefan5

People call it the worst Sandler film, but it's the best Sandler film. I LOVE IT!


4 That's My Boy
5 Mr. Deeds

I really love this movie. I don’t understand why so many people don’t like this movie

I guess I'm the only one who loves this movie - Alexandr

6 Click

I cried in this like a baby and I really don't know any other movie that is as emotionally touching

Criminally underrated

7 Big Daddy

Great movie, just an absolute riot. Sandler and cole sprouse are great together.

8 Grown Ups

This is gotta be Sandler's best one yet. Fantastical work and the most funniest.

9 Bedtime Stories

I love this movie. It's creative and a delight to watch - Bullfrog762

10 The Waterboy

This was a very entertaining and funny film

The Contenders

11 Mixed Nuts
12 Happy Gilmore

One of his few tolerable movies. - OnlyInDreams

I think it deserves a 80%

It got a 60%

Love it

13 Pixels

Yes pixels is a very great movie - Dvafan2

People are way too hard on this movie. It's a good ghostbusters ripoff, watch it with kids, they love it. yeah there is some dumb stuff here and there but so what. I feel people hate on adam sandler so much they just dismiss this movie without giving it a chance. just have fun it's a fun movie.

One of the most underrated movie ever

This film is weird for me - I do like Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad in it, but sometimes the dialogue is unforgivably dumb and things happen that don't make much logical sense, but there are some great laughs at points. Not Sandler's worst.

14 Billy Madison
15 Bulletproof

This is my favorite Sandler film and I honestly don't understand the hate for it.

16 Hotel Transylvania
17 Grown Ups 2

I keep hearing my friends criticize all of sandler's movies for lack of plot and focusing on jokes, that's the point. These aren't movies meant to get you contemplating life, they're meant to give us a good laugh, and this one definitely succeeds

18 Just Go with It
19 Airheads

I really loved that film in the 90's - Alexandr

20 The Wedding Singer
21 Reign Over Me

A moving story about two friends going through trouble who find solace in each other's lives. Also, it handles 9/11 very maturely. - Jackamalio

22 50 First Dates
23 Hotel Transylvania 2
24 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
25 Blended

I've seen 29 of his films and this is my #1 fave. The ending is actually really moving and it's hilarious from start to finish (I know the humor isn't for everyone)

26 Little Nicky
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