Hidden Gems #28 Destroy All Humans!

Today's game is one most people know about of the mid 2000's, and was semi known to the world as Destroy All Humans! for the PlayStation 2, and Original Xbox, and later ported onto the PlayStation 4. It also had a sequel which was also alright, but will look at the first game mostly. Developed by Pandemic Studios if you have not idea what they responsible for well look no further then the original two star wars Battlefront games mostly love where now we have Dice.

Dives Into Destruction: Now then... you are a member of the Furon race in which the general gameplay is you collecting harvest DNA from humans to continue the cloning process of his Furon Race interesting right. Main character is given a name of Crypto-136, and while his voicing is not great its kinda funny the dialogue is that can either get people to not play anymore, or they'll still play despite the so bad, but good voice lines in which there are other good games that fall in line to this one in terms of that one flaw. The original Resident Evil, Shenmue, and those are cult classics this one is you either really love, or its just that gen you may have not of played up to reading this now. What's cool about this game is that you have the ability of Psychokinesis, and then the real showcase stealer is the anal probe gun in the game that pretty aims for the buttocks of enemies, and kills them instantly I mean wow. As the story progresses you discover that Silhouette has been watching the survey of the destruction Crypto had made, and then proceeds to get out of disguise having Crypto seemed shocked that he was actually a she. The only way to channel your dominance is by eliminating the leader of the Majestic as she has a giant mecha robot take down your saucer, and then proceeds to take you down herself in which she fails in your glorious, and satisfying victory.

General Thoughts: Even for 2005 this game has a lot of replay value, and that for a game that might of been disguised for the general target audience of kids they defiantly played this, and never forgot how good it truly was even if the ending was quite difficult. Its nice to know there are more PS2 games getting ported to the PS4, and not getting the shaft like others like this one which was semi-memorable. Controls are exceptionally fluent, and its worth a try if you are curious of its existence, and that Zim is in the game giving you instruction is an even bigger plus I mean when do you hear that voice anywhere else exactly. 8.5 out of 10