Most Underrated Albums of the '80s


The Top Ten

1 Runaway Horses - Belinda Carlisle

The most underrated Belinda album. Singles "Leave a Light On", "La Luna", "Summer Rain" and "Vision of You" deserved way bigger recognition - Irina2932

I love this album more than her Heaven On Earth one, which was more selling, but this shows her true vocals.

Probably her greatest album. Includes tracks "La Luna", "Summer Rain", "Vision of You" and "Leave a Light On" - Irina2932

top album

2 Touch - Laura Branigan

The most personal and emotional Laura album of the 80's - Irina2932

3 Stay on These Roads - A-ha

Love it. But Scoundrel Days was criminally underrated

4 Foreign Affair - Tina Turner

Unfortunately, the album did not perform as well as 'Private Dancer' and 'Break Every Rule' but it was a very cool record - Irina2932

Very nice but very underrated at the same time - Irina2932

5 Into a Secret Land - Sandra

With hits "Around My Heart", "Secret Land" and 'Heaven Can Wait" this album should have been much bigger - Irina2932

6 Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire - Bonnie Tyler

My favorite album by Bonnie Tyler. Very underrated record - Irina2932

7 Into the Fire - Bryan Adams

After successful 'Reckless' this one was a big commercial disappointment. Too bad, the album includes many great songs - Irina2932

Not as good as 'Reckless' but still decent and melodious - Irina2932

8 Hold Me - Laura Branigan
9 Animal Magnetism - Scorpions
10 Strange Kind of Love - Love and Money

Amazing production, poignant lyrics, polished soul. Brilliany.

The Contenders

11 For Those About to Rock We Salute You - AC/DC

This album is really underrated.

12 Break Every Rule - Tina Turner
13 The Bridge - Billy Joel
14 Big Generator - Yes
15 Out of This World - Europe
16 Something's Going On - Frida
17 Night to Remember - Cyndi Lauper

Unlike 'She's So Unusual' and 'True Colors' this one was very overlooked - Irina2932

18 Heaven on Earth - Belinda Carlisle
19 Self Control - Laura Branigan
20 The Long Play - Sandra
21 Faster Than the Speed of Night - Bonnie Tyler
22 Tell It to My Heart - Taylor Dayne
23 Can't Fight Fate - Taylor Dayne
24 Done with Mirrors - Aerosmith
25 Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks

Great solo debut! Probably one of the best albums of the 80s. The songs are great. Her vocals are at their best, and the lyrics are well written.

26 The Wild Heart - Stevie Nicks

Remarkable album! Stand back has stood the test of time!

The Wild Heart and Bella Donna are masterpieces.

27 Blow Up Your Video - AC/DC
28 Balance of Power - Electric Light Orchestra
29 No Sense of Sin - The Lotus Eaters
30 From the Lions Mouth - The Sound
31 Moving Pictures - Rush
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