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81 World of Noise - Everclear

So Much for the Afterglow and Sparkle and Fade are two of the most underrated albums I've ever come across.

82 Out of This World - Europe
83 My December - Kelly Clarkson

best album ever, especially the songs Irvine, Be Still, and Maybe - ilovekelly75

sold well, got good reviews, but not as much as her other albums

84 Trapt - Trapt
85 October - U2
86 The Soft Parade - The Doors
87 Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

This album is underrated. Maybe not like Presence or Animals ( and not Britney Spears or JLo's ), but it's still too underrated. With this album Led Zeppelin changed the sound into something new for 'em. In it you got songs like The Immigrant Song and Since I've Been Loving You wich are two of LZ best songs, but you got also others like Gallows Pole...

88 Phoenix - The Classic Crime
89 Songs of Love and Death - Beyond the Black
90 Gold Cobra - Limp Bizkit
91 Filth Pig - Ministry
92 The Path of Totality - Korn
93 Monster - R.E.M.
94 Mental Vortex - Coroner
95 Impressions in Blood - Vader
96 Final Straw - Snow Patrol
97 Hot Show - Prozzäk
98 Check Your Head - Beastie Boys
99 Tales from Topographic Oceans - Yes

Great album - patrickfloyd

100 Unbelievable - Sarah Connor
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