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141 State of Euphoria - Anthrax
142 Just Whitney - Whitney Houston
143 Funky Dory - Rachel Stevens
144 Head Over Heels - Paula Abdul
145 It Was Written - Nas
146 The Connection - Papa Roach
147 Stripped - Christina Aguilera

Every song on "Stripped" could have been released as singles. On "Stripped", Christina takes more control over her own music and career, and delivers some of her best songs of all time, for example "Fighter", "Beautiful", "The Voice Within" and "Can´┐Ż't Hold Us Down".

148 The X Factor - Iron Maiden
149 Pop - U2

Pop is one of U2's best albums in my opinion. While it has some faults, there is wonderful, dark music behind the colorful artwork.

Pop is the best album of U2. They never again do such amazing job, as when they made this album and all the Popmart tour. Crazy!

150 Michael - Michael Jackson

The most underrated album ever!
Hold my Hand, Hollywood tonight, best of joy, monster, behind the mask (main song), another day and more amazing songs!

151 Sam's Town - The Killers
152 Help! - The Beatles
153 The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
154 Artpop - Lady Gaga
155 The Pick of Destiny - Tenacious D
156 Warning - Green Day
157 In With the Out Crowd - Less Than Jake
158 Relapse - Eminem

Surprisingly I found there to be no bad songs on Relapse which is why I don't get why people don't like it. Some of them are just okay (Hello, We Made You) but then they're crazy awesome songs (Insane, Old Times Sake, Deja Vu, Medicine Ball, Beautiful, Crack A Bottle) and the rest are good songs. Honestly I think this is the most underrated album ever made.

People think it's sucking but there are some good songs

159 30 Seconds to Mars - Thirty Seconds to Mars
160 Octavarium - Dream Theater
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