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41 Natsume’s Book of Friends Natsume’s Book of Friends
42 Rainbow: Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin
43 I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
44 Future Card Buddyfight
45 Bokurano
46 Squid Girl Squid Girl Ika Musume is the main character from 'Shinryaku! Ika Musume' an anime about a Squid Girl that wants to punish humanity for polluting the oceans, but ends up breaking a wall and is forced to work at a restaurant to pay off the damages.

It's very underrated, and it's one of my favorite comedy animes.

47 From the New World From the New World
48 Higurashi When They Cry

So underrated and needs to be seen. A rare anime that does horror well

My 3rd favorite anime of all time along with death note and bakemongatari it’s the best horror anime I’ve seen almost 65 difference anime this anime is a masterpiece 10/10

49 Baccano Baccano

Baccano! Is one of the best animes I have ever sceen. It's characters are fun and origenal, it's story is exiting, and the mystery of the show always made me exited to watch the next episode. It's only 16 episodes, so if your able to find it and have some free time on your hands, definitely check it out.

50 Darker Than Black Darker Than Black Darker than Black, known in Japan as Darker than Black: The Black Contractor, is an anime television series created, directed and written by Tensai Okamura and animated by Bones. In 2007, the 26 episode anime named Darker Than Black: The Black Contractor aired with a huge commercial success. It was more.
51 Parasyte Parasyte

This anime is way too underrated. Out of all the anime fans that are friends of mine, only one has said he watched it! - SelfDestruct

52 Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins

Has anybody heard it of this anime? It's not too bad.

53 Tari Tari
54 Noragami Noragami

One of my favorite anime, yet it gets so little recognition - izayaorihara

It's a shame it's so underrated.

My favourite anime, hands down. In my opinion, it is quite underrated. Even though it has been getting a lot more popular, anime like Naruto and Bleach are overshadowing it. Noragami is a masterpiece and was hella funny! Yato made me laugh more than any character in anime (Apart from Dazai from BSD, they're on the same level) and the story is so good! I definitely recommend that you watch it!

55 Steins;Gate Steins;Gate
56 Black Lagoon Black Lagoon
57 Wolf's Rain Wolf's Rain Wolf's Rain is an anime series created by writer and story editor Keiko Nobumoto and produced by Bones Studio.

I highly recommend this. It's my personal favorite anime. - RoseRedFlower

58 Log Horizon Log Horizon
59 Your Lie in April Your Lie in April Your Lie in April, known in Japan as Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or just simply Kimiuso, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa.
60 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
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