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101 Powerpuff Girls Z Powerpuff Girls Z
102 Great Teacher Onizuka Great Teacher Onizuka

Excellent story, incredible characters, and episodes which have you on the edge or your seat or in tears (even both sometimes)!

It gained little to no attention after its debut since it came out right after "Cowboy Bebop", which is all that people were talking about in the anime world. Even after the "Cowboy Bebop" fad, GTO still didn't gain much attention since its animation was at a lower standard than the modern standard people wanted, making GTO nearly unbearable to watch.

103 Hellsing Hellsing
104 My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
105 Gunslinger Girl

This is a rare gem of good anime. The manga was way sadder than the anime though.

106 Daily Lives of High School Boys
107 Kokoro Connect
108 Air Gear
109 InuYasha InuYasha InuYasha is a manga franchise created by Rumiko Takahashi. It was adapted into two anime television series produced by Sunrise. The first was broadcast for 167 episodes on Yomiuri TV in Japan from October 16, 2000 until September 13, 2004. The second series, called Inuyasha: The Final Act, began airing more.

It is NOT girly at all. It's an amazing show similar to Naruto and Bleach

110 Sankarea: Undying Love
111 Ceres, Celestial Legend
112 Mamotte! Lollipop
113 Berserk Berserk Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV.
114 Hellsing Ultimate Hellsing Ultimate
115 Elfen Lied Elfen Lied

It's a joke isn't it? There have nowhere where it's not shoved in our face as the best anime ever. - TopiTaupe

116 Beyblade
117 Blood Lad

I can literally count on my hand the people I know who watched this. Seriously, watch it for a good laugh. It's very entertaining. - Elric-san

118 Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT
119 Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji)
120 Maburaho
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Kokoro Connect: An Underrated Anime
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