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101 Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji)
102 Maburaho
103 Sugar Sugar Rune Sugar Sugar Rune
104 K

Barely anyone has seen this show, and it doesn't show up in a lot of anime discussions. It has beautiful art style and puts a lot of emphasis on the bonds that the characters share without being too corny, and while the plot moves pretty slow in the first few episodes, everything from the beginning leads up to what's really going on in the story.

105 Seijuushi Bismarck
106 Super Dimensional Cavalry The Southern Cross
107 Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
108 Inazuma Eleven V 1 Comment
109 Di Gi Charat
110 Sherlock Hound Sherlock Hound

Is this even an anime? - Absolite

111 F-Zero: GP Legend F-Zero: GP Legend
112 To Love-Ru
113 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
114 Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf is a Japanese light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura, with illustrations by Jū Ayakura.
115 RWBY RWBY RWBY is an American 3D web series created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth. The show is set in the fictional world of Remnant, where young people train to become Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect their world from the creatures of Grimm.

Not anime but I had to had it - fandom__universe

116 Great Teacher Onizuka

Excellent story, incredible characters, and episodes which have you on the edge or your seat or in tears (even both sometimes)!

It gained little to no attention after its debut since it came out right after "Cowboy Bebop", which is all that people were talking about in the anime world. Even after the "Cowboy Bebop" fad, GTO still didn't gain much attention since its animation was at a lower standard than the modern standard people wanted, making GTO nearly unbearable to watch.

117 Hellsing Hellsing
118 Daily Lives of High School Boys
119 Outlaw Star Outlaw Star
120 Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball GT
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