Most Underrated Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

The Top Ten

1 Junior

I love this movie! I think people just got scared of seeing a pregnant Arnie. He actually put on a SURPRISINGLY good performance. Not as creepy as it seems!

Year, I had a big enjoy watching this film. Very funny, entertaining and just cool - Alexandr

2 The Running Man

Love his catch phrases and his coolness. - Mo123456

The idea of this film was cool - Alexandr

3 The 6th Day

Visual effects were great - Alexandr

4 Eraser

Superb overlooked action from 1996 - Alexandr

5 End of Days

Not his best but still good - Alexandr

6 Raw Deal
7 Stay Hungry
8 Red Sonja
9 Twins

Funny comedy with De Vito and Arnie - Alexandr

10 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

The Contenders

11 Collateral Damage

Very underrated movie. Believe me - Alexandr

12 Conan the Destroyer
13 Batman & Robin
14 Hercules in New York
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