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1 Nobody's Home

I agree.. I don't like this song much either. It makes me imagine a girl with no where to go, So Sad;(

One of the most touching songs from her - Irina2932

It's my personal favorite. Much better than her new stuff in goodbye lulluby.

2 Keep Holding On

I sung this song for a talent show. This is an amazing, beautiful, meaningful song!

I love this song but I feel half of these songs are OVER rated such as smile, I'm with you wish you were here...

This is my favorite song ever!


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3 I'm with You

I don't really think is underrated but if you included it here than surely must be the number 1, "I'm With You" was the best from the very beginning - MatrixGuy

This song is here simply because this song is one of the best song ever written. This should've sold Avril another additional 5 million album copies. - Anggun

Best song on Avril's debut album. It deserved much bigger recognition - Irina2932

She's with me when I feel sad...

4 Smile

"SMILE" IS ONE OF HER BEST SONGS. Its really underrated and that's not good. I have listen and saw its video for almost 1000times. Its amazing. - mohit100

One of her best songs to date. "Smile" is very underrated track - Irina2932

This is my favorite song. It is most definitely underrated

Nice tune... Great voice that anyone else can't sing

5 Slipped Away

Such a sad song. Helped me get through life though.

Underrated as hell..
What more can I say?

6 Losing Grip

This song deserved more attention, because it's the way that most other songs on the album sound like: Rock and emotional. Avril once said it's one of her her favorites.

This one must be very overrated because in avril's opinion this is her favorite track on her album Let Go

Songs and Music Video are totally underrated. Most people don't even know that it was a Single! It rocks! - KimMia90

Her most underrated song, so far! (and one of the best in my opinion) - mrg3r4rd

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7 Here's to Never Growing Up

Music critics dislike this song just because it sounds like Complicated? Way the go of being jealous that she's the best in pop music industry! - Anggun

8 Hot

I love this track very much - Irina2932

You make me so hot! Make me wanna Drop! So ridiculous I can barely stop!

I used to listen it everyday, just fabulous...

I can't believe this song is one of her most underrated songs! It's one of my favorites. It's super catchy and fun to jump around to. I love this song so much.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

9 I Will Be

One of the best avril lavigne lyrics!

10 Sk8er Boi



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11 Nobody's Fool

If you haven't heard this song, listen to it! It's from her first album and has such a good message on being yourself. Her best underrated song.

This song is amazing because she is telling everyone that she is going to be herself and stay true. It's a great message for everyone. She is so inspiring. I love how she is so real and puts emotion into her songs.

12 Wish You Were Here

Just a great songs, love it.

13 Alice



14 Mobile
15 Remember When

This ballad is her best without a doubt! The feeels

16 Black Star

"In my opinion, Black Star is very unique among most songs out there today. It can be either a sad song for releasing grief and other painful emotions. Or, it can also be an electrifying and thrillingly AWESOME and quite empowering experience. I suppose it's just a matter of how one looks at it. ROCK ON AVRIL! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MUSIC RULES! "

It's not really underrated but this is my 11th ranking in songs in Goodbye Lullaby

17 Fall to Pieces

This song should be on the top 10. It's a super ballad, super beautiful and touching.


18 Everybody Hurts

Best Avril song EVER (apart from rock n roll)

19 Give You What You Like

So calming and beautiful

20 Goodbye
21 Take Me Away

What a stupid list, how the heck are Smile and I'm With You UNDERRATED!?

This one is also rocks why this song is so underrated

My favorite song when depressed


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22 Unwanted

This song sounds like a metal rock sooo she rocks

23 Tomorrow

I just love this song so bad...

24 What the Hell
25 Things I'll Never Say

My favourite song from Avril. Its too bad people only know her "girlfriend" song, and I don't even like that song to be honest.

26 Runaway
27 Hello Heartache

I mean, this song is just great, the beat and the lyrics are EVERYTHING

28 Alone

Underrated - mood333

29 Darlin'

So underrated it should be a crime

30 17
31 Naked
32 Together
33 Let Me Go
34 Anything but Ordinary

Her vocals in this song are fire

35 Don't Tell Me

Amazing song that helps people! - KimMia90

36 Contagious

Totally underrated Avril Lavigne song! - KimMia90


37 I Don't Give
38 Innocence

I love this song so much

39 Rock N Roll

"I might have a couple issues..."

You say.. "me too."

Such a rocking' tune.

40 Adia

This is Underrated look how far it is, it's a cover but one of the best cover ever

41 When You're Gone
42 He Wasn't
43 Everything Back But You
44 The Best Damn Thing
45 Forgotten

One of Avril Lavigne's best songs! - KimMia90

46 I Don't Have to Try
47 I Can Do Better
48 I Always Get What I Want
49 Bad Reputation (Joan Jett Cover)
50 Take It

Avril rocks about annoying paparazzis and reporters! - KimMia90

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