Most Underrated Backstreet Boys Songs

The Top Ten Most Underrated Backstreet Boys Songs

1 More Than That

Another great and so underrated song - Irina2932

This is probably the best song that showcases their five part harmony besides "Shape of My Heart"

So soft vocal harmonies. Must have for Brian's fans

Love A.j mclean beautiful solo in this song. Love Amanda Marie Hemstreet

2 Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

My all time favorite song by this amazing band - Irina2932

In year of 1996 I was 9 years old when you guys did this song Amanda Hemstreet

3 Larger Than Life

This song and Everybody (Backstreet's Back) are my absolute fave Backstreet Boys' songs.

This song didn't get high positions on charts - Irina2932

Simply the best song from Backstreet Boys. Period.

I LOVE A.J mclean laugh

4 The Call

I don't know about this song being underrated, but it's on here, and I love it, so I'm voting for it! - keep-me-posted

I love this song so much! Better than the music video! - DynastiSugarPop

A.j mclean says he did drugs in video shoot But love the kissing sense in the taxi love Amanda Hemstreet

5 Unmistakable

IT IS the MOST under-rated songs. Did not get the popularity it deserves.

You need to listen to this song to know what is it.

This song might be the best

I LOVE A.j mclean sing unmistakable

6 Drowning

Most underrated... Yea agree... One of the most outstanding song of Backstreet Boys... Specially because this is one of the few songs in which every member has an equal share... N lyrics... Much nostalgic other songs-"every time I BREATH I TAKE you IN, AND MY HEART BREATHES AGAIN... "

Love this song so much..1st song I heard from Backstreet Boys.. Fall in love with them after hear it!

It's beautiful song it make me smile love Amanda Hemstreet

7 Get Another Boyfriend

Superb songs. Just you will get addicted to this. Great vocals by aj nick brian


A.j mclean sing very good love the meaning in song to tell her to get another boyfriend love Amanda Hemstreet

8 The One

Lyrics and the way their voice sync makes it such a beautiful song.

Kevin Richardson played piano so beautifully in the music video love Amanda Hemstreet

9 Inconsolable

Love this song... I never bored listen this song... One of the best song Backstreet Boys... Love howie part...

Best song on "Unbreakable" - Irina2932

Beautiful song, backstreet boys are the best

What a song really great love this one.

10 My Beautiful Woman

Surely this is THE most underrated Backstreet Boys song. Most of them don't know about this song

I LOVE you guys did spell beautiful in this song p.s. a girl love it you guys tell her she beautiful Love Amanda Hemstreet

The Contenders

11 I Still...

Hey Backstreet Boys fans! Listen to this

Absolutely love this song, and I think everyone can relate to it

This song is awesome! It just didn't receive enough attention. The music video is great, and I recommend checking it out!

9years, can't delete it.

12 As Long as You Love Me

I remember in the video Nick Carter said who me? Love Amanda Hemstreet


13 Straight Through My Heart

This song is awesome one but it's so Underrated it get lot of great fans and the story of Backstreet Boys. S AS vampire is col - AJSAMIH

It is so amazig... I love this song it should be number 5or 6 in top ten. I love you Backstreet Boys

I'm in love with BSBs and the reason is this incredible song!

Nick Carter played vampire slayer in music video when open the door she was killed by sunlight LOVE Amanda Hemstreet

14 Bigger

This is one of the underrated songs of Backstreet Boys, radio doesn't put out MUSIC as it use to.

Nick Carter laughed at A.j mclean when a girl feed him some Chinese food love Amanda Hemstreet

15 Anywhere for You

This single has more soul than almost any other song by Backstreet Boys, in my opinion.

Kevin Richardson says look mom no hands very very unsafe you would got hurt love Amanda Hemstreet

I love their vedio is so cool song

16 Back to Your Heart

Kevin Richardson wrote this song with little help from Gary

This song is a hidden gem. Really should be higher.

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful music, their voices just sound amazing <3
Overall amazing song!

17 Shape of My Heart

It was just awesome...

Love the music video I think Matthew Robinson did very good shoot the video and A.j mclean says that the wrap. Love Amanda Hemstreet

18 All I Have to Give

I LOVE Hats dancing love Amanda Hemstreet

19 Just Want You to Know

Although the video clip was a parody (and seemed like a tonne of fun to make), I think the silliness of the clip overshadowed the meaning of the song. The lyrics are quite a romantic and the song showcases the Boys' ability to shine as a vocal group. Thematically it is similar to Inconsolable and Incomplete, but a bit more upbeat and more 'rock'. The song suited the official video, but I don't think the official video really brought out the emotional potential of the song.

Love the costumes in video and A.j mclean love the drumming in video did Nick Carter teaches you how to play the drums love Amanda Hemstreet

20 Incomplete

A.j mclean drive a classic Car love Amanda Hemstreet

21 10,000 Promises

That is lots of promises guys I hope you kept your promise love Amanda Hemstreet

22 The Perfect Fan

Dedicated to Brian's mother, it is a song that touches every mother and makes everyone who has a mother remind them to love them even more.

It's a shame this didn't get a lot of popularity. Granted, it was on Backstreet Boys's best-selling album: Millennium. Every song was good.

Can you guys sing this song for my mom someday p.s perfect daughter Love Amanda Hemstreet

23 Don't Want You Back

Nick Carter made A.j little angry when he call ctrl and ask for the one instead don't want you back love Amanda Hemstreet

24 Safest Place to Hide

Great melody. Great lyrics. Great vocals

Beautiful song! Great harmonies

This very very sad song it almost made me cry love Amanda Hemstreet

25 Lose It All

THE MOST Underrated song from them

I love how Nick Carter sings can't hold me breath love Amanda Hemstreet

26 Something that I Already Know
27 Darlin'

Best song of Backstreet Boys

28 Never Gone

A song with a very deep meaning! This was written by Kevin, in memory of his dad, who passed away recently (at the time). It's something everyone can relate to...

Most underrated, even in this list.

Love this song and Kevin good job writing this song about your Father that you lost in August, 26 1991 so sad for your family love Amanda Hemstreet

29 We've Got It Goin' On

I guess A.j was little rapper back then love Amanda Hemstreet

30 Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Only Brian and A.j singing this song but I love it love Amanda Hemstreet

31 Everyone

Why this song is not included in that list it is a great song

32 One Phone Call

Great vocals by aj and howie. Must listen

33 Make Believe

I LOVE how A.j sing we only make Believe

34 Feels Like Home

Love how you guys said the city's of these countries

35 Story of My Life

Best song from Backstreet boys

I LOVE this song

36 Rebel

One incredibly perfectly written song. The lyrics are so amazing and the vocals these men are incredible god bless

I don't know the words to this song can you guys help me love Amanda Hemstreet

37 My Heart Stays With You

One of those amazing little unreleased gems. So good.

38 What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
39 Song for the Unloved
40 Siberia


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