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21 Shape of My Heart

Love the music video I think Matthew Robinson did very good shoot the video and A.j mclean says that the wrap. Love Amanda Hemstreet

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22 Safest Place to Hide

Great melody. Great lyrics. Great vocals

Beautiful song! Great harmonies

This very very sad song it almost made me cry love Amanda Hemstreet

23 Lose It All

THE MOST Underrated song from them

I love how Nick Carter sings can't hold me breath love Amanda Hemstreet

24 We've Got It Goin' On V 1 Comment
25 Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Only Brian and A.j singing this song but I love it love Amanda Hemstreet

26 10,000 Promises

That is lots of promises guys I hope you kept your promise love Amanda Hemstreet

27 Everyone

Why this song is not included in that list it is a great song

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28 Don't Want You Back

Nick Carter made A.j little angry when he call ctrl and ask for the one instead don't want you back love Amanda Hemstreet

29 One Phone Call V 2 Comments
30 Make Believe V 1 Comment
31 Feels Like Home

Love how you guys said the city's of these countries

32 Story of My Life V 1 Comment
33 Story of My Life

Best song from Backstreet boys

34 Rebel

One incredibly perfectly written song. The lyrics are so amazing and the vocals these men are incredible god bless

I don't know the words to this song can you guys help me love Amanda Hemstreet

35 My Heart Stays With You

One of those amazing little unreleased gems. So good.

36 Something that I Already Know
37 Darlin'
38 What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
39 Never Gone

A song with a very deep meaning! This was written by Kevin, in memory of his dad, who passed away recently (at the time). It's something everyone can relate to...

Most underrated, even in this list.

Love this song and Kevin good job writing this song about your Father that you lost in August, 26 1991 so sad for your family love Amanda Hemstreet

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