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1 Rain

Over Half of the people that I talk to about the Beatles won't know this song. What a shame. - Beatlesboy9

Should've been on Revolver! Too great of a song to only have been released as a single.

Ringo's drum work alone should make this one a classic! Couple that with lyrics that show John Lennon's outstanding wordsmithing genius and you have one of the most underrated rock songs of all time! - RedClayDawg

It is a great pshychadelic song

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2 Hey Bulldog

Love this song. And among their later era songs, it is definitely and incredibly underrated. Arguably, the recording of this song marks the last time the Beatles were... well, the Beatles. Now bear with me here when I explain that statement.

It was recorded in January 1968. The band wasn't even planning to record that day. They were actually just going in the studio to film a promotional video for the Lady Madonna single. The concept for the video was to show the band at work in the studio so the film crew just planned to, more or less, have the band pose in the studio as if they were recording. Somewhere along the way... nobody is quite sure whose idea it was... they decided to just record a real song since they were going to be in the studio anyway. Paul was the worker bee so it seems like he would be the one who had the idea first, but "Hey Bulldog" was John's song so maybe his competitive streak compelled him to want to records.

Anyway, back to my point ...more

Great rocker!

I think the ending of the song ruins it - BigDaddyPeach

They should have released this as an A side single - westofohio

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3 For No One

Amazing song. Incredibly underrated, one of Paul's sensitive, beautiful treasures

This is one of their best and one of those fast and frank ones

In my opinion, this song is way underrated. For No One is probably one of my favorite Beatkes songs, it should be higher on this list.

I don't know y this is not recognized as one of the fab four's best

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4 Happiness is a Warm Gun

Shes not a girl who misses much to because happiness is a warm gun.
All great and underrated!

Not only a great song on its own, but it helped inspire Paranoid Android

This song isn't mentioned as frequently, especially when talking about the White Album. It is amazing that amidst their struggles and tension, the Beatles were able to contribute their talents to a complex song with many parts.

The guitar in this song is just downright sexy

5 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Brilliant vocals from Lennon and so easy to listen to. One of the gems of the help album. The whole album is underrated when you think about it... Ticket to ride, the night before, yesterday and of course, HELP

Has a very Dylan feel to it, love the stylistic change you can see in this song. Great lyrically and musically and deserves much more recognition

This is 170 on the Beatles best songs of all time, but it's one of my favorite Beatles songs. - Songsta41

"Gather round all you clowns"

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6 Maxwell's Silver Hammer

His calm voice contrasts to the evilness of the song, and it works beautifully. The hammer is too loud and annoying though.

This song has been my favorite since I was about 5 and to this day I still have the lyrics memorized

Yes! Everything about this song is perfect! Thank you, whoever commented that.

Love this song and how it tells a story, deserves more love!

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7 I'm Looking Through You

I love it, it needs more attention

8 If I Fell


This may be the most underrated Beatles song of all time. The lyrics are haunting, the structure was revolutionary for the time (and still is) and the harmonies are impeccable. McCartney gets credit for writing love ballads, but "If I Fell" shows John Lennon's ballads were just as good, if not better, and reached deeper into the human psyche to touch the soul. Other great Lennon ballads that are underrated include "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" and "Woman". - RedClayDawg

This Beatles song is a very romantic song but at the same time it just has great harmonies and vocals, it really is a good song

fantastic harmony by the boys on this one.

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9 She's Leaving Home

One of the best songs by the Beatles and one that is criminally overlooked on Sgt. Pepper's tracklisting. It's hard to ever hear people casually talking about it or mention this song even among hard-core Beatles fans. Probably my favourite song by the band and a must listen for understanding Paul McCartney's writing genius.

This song is completely underrated in Sgt. Pepper's. The hauntingly beautiful melancholy in the melody of this song really helps with the realness of the fictional story telling. Lennon and McCartney really reveal the sophisticated lyrical writing that they're capable of.

This is a great song, inspired by
John reading in the newspaper about a girl running away from home. Such a beautiful song with paul's vocals and a nice harp solo, often not given half as much credit as it's worth

Most underrated Beatles song ever in my opinion.

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10 Rocky Raccoon

This song is AMAZING. It should be number one. I absolutely love

They have many beautiful and so underrated tracks. Now I vote for this one. I really think "Rocky Raccoon" deserved better recognition - Irina2932

I love blackbird, but I think its got to much recognicion to be "underrated". This song is fun, and always makes me happy

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11 And Your Bird Can Sing

Best song.. Rocking..melodic and enlightening!

agreed!!!! this song is so great, and it's sad that many people haven't heard it! - rock2metal

Such a rocking song - SammySpore

You say youve seen seven wonders and your bird is green

12 It's All Too Much

Great track. Kinda of a hybrid song. Half melodic and half hard rock.

This and Hey Bulldog are the best songs on any Beatles album.

Just a classic Beatles song as well as a good hard rock song!

In my opinion best George Harrison track

13 I'll Follow the Sun

Seriously one of my favourite Beatles and McCartney song. Beautiful tune and lovely melody.

Great song and greatly underrated!

I don't know why this doesn't get as much love as it deserves!

I love this song and it DEFINITELY is underrated

14 Because

This and Blue Jay Way would be my top two underrated Beatles songs

I love Abby Road.

15 Wait

A truly great, kind of anonymous track, hiding near the end of Rubber Soul

16 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

Please listen to this one, its been one of my favourites since I was a child.

This Beatles song is just a masterpiece, it deserves credit and it has a really good beat!

Why is it underrated? Best song ever!

John singing. Sgt Peppers - ShiftyMelon

17 Blackbird

Why the heck is this song on the list?!?!?! Blackbird is one of the most famous Beatles songs of their career! This song is nowhere near underrated!

Subtle, beautiful and well-written and deserves more credit. Why it wasn't in the Blue Album I don't know. It's sad that people don't recognize the brilliance of this song!

Listen to this song. If you can ever seriously approach a sentence with the words "Beatles" and "underrated", this is as close as you can get.

Whatthe!? Blackbird is one of the more famous Beatles songs! How is it underrated?

18 Two of Us

The best Beatles song ever!

19 Your Mother Should Know
20 Blue Jay Way
21 Within You Without You

The best song from "the best album ever". One of the most interesting songs the Beatles ever recorded, and beautiful lyrics

You have to truly listen to the lyrics to understand the beauty of this song, don't pass it off as a boring hippy song.

Lol, what is George Harrison's obsession with Indian music? - IronSabbathPriest

This song is incredible and yet so hated. - Beatlesboy9

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22 I'll Be Back

A Hard Day's Night is an album packed with excellent songs even by their standards. Probably their best early work, it holds the distinction of being the only LP EVER to be entirely made up of original music composed by Lennon-McCartney. Despite all this, including an A-side that goes toe-to-toe with any other album side in Fab history, I always find myself itching to hear the last track on the album -- this highly underrated gem.

Inspired by Del Shannon's "Runaway", this is a great and very underrated song (mostly John's), with great guitar work by George (on a Ramirez classical) and beautiful harmonies by John and Paul.

Tearworthy but beautiful lyrics by John Lennon. The very anthem of hopeful heartbreak. The haunting melody and vocal harmonization make for a song that you listen to over and over again. Hidden gem on Hard Day's Night.

A great song. John at his best.

23 I've Just Seen a Face

Love the guitar playing.

24 Don't Pass Me By

An amazing song by Ringo Starr

25 This Boy

Thank you John. So underrated. Lilting, lush melodies and beautiful, heartfelt lyrics.

Hi, I tried listing my top ten most underrated, but half of them don't appear on your list. I did vote for hey bulldog, rain, this boy, she said she said, and your bird can sing. But where is Dear Prudence, Drive my car, Everyones got something to hide except for me and my monkey, You can't do that, and Tell me why? I'd also add that an honorable mention goes to yes it is, I'm down, and Here there and every where.

It's a LOVELY tune, for sure, and the three part harmony is gorgeous. Not to mention that Lennon really knew how to put all his soul and emotion into his music.

26 Julia
27 Mr. Moonlight
28 Good Night

Ringo has an amazing voice in this!

29 Fixing a Hole

So underrated. Great song start and a catchy and good piece of music the entire song.

30 I'm Only Sleeping

It just describes my life everyday LOL

Beautiful song

31 Across the Universe
32 She Said She Said

From Ringo Starr's legendary performance on drums, to Harrison and Lennon's outstanding guitar-work, everything in this song shines. This song also showcases The Beatles ability to combine two separate songs into one effortlessly by having the middle eight be in a different time signature. While Tomorrow Never Knows is the highlight of Revolver, and Here, There, and Everywhere is the highlight on side 1, She Said She Said isn't that far from being the best song on the album and one of the most criminally underrated Beatles songs.

No one really seems to care about this song. When I first heard it, I couldn't stop listening to it. It was also the last song recorded for Revolver.

This is despicably low on the list.

Poor Peter Fonda. All he tried to do was reassure George Harrison that he wasn't dying from his LSD trip, thereby earning the ire of a tripped out Lennon, who made the song sound happy, even if Fonda creeped him out. Fonda's misfortune is our gain. This rocker and its twin (to me) 'And Your Bird Can Sing' have always been the two criminally underrated Lennom rockers from Revolver. Everyone remembers how different Tomorrow Never Knows was, but this and 'Bird' were more enjoyable.

33 Anna (Go to Him)

This was from the first album, please please me and best song on the album. I am so hooked up on it, playing it in loop for months. Everything about this song is beautiful and most people don't know this. RIP Arthur Alexander

34 She's a Woman

The vocals are amazing!

Released only as the flip side of "I Feel Fine," this is one of the best B-sides in the Beatles collection. Rain usually gets the consensus nod as the best B-side, with Revolution also essentially being as well known as most A-sides. So in a way, because no one ever even mentions this gem from 1964, in which Paul apparently played the lead guitar, it may be their most underrated B-side. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen! - Jude_Rigby

35 Lovely Rita
36 I Will
37 The Word
38 Flying
39 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
40 Revolution 9

I love this song. Best art song ever - westofohio

Wait, I thought everyone hated this

41 I Me Mine
42 Golden Slumbers

I just find it funny how this song is underrated on the a list that ranks the most underrated Beatles songs. This song is phenomenal and one of the best songs on Abbey Road. Everyone should listen to this.

This song is simply beautiful. I love this! It is so underrated in the Medley mix! Paul's voice sounds great!

I wouldn't expect this down here lol

43 Long, Long, Long

Great Harrison song with a creepy tone to it. This said creepy tone makes it fit perfectly on part 2 of the white album. Other than that it's a calm relaxing song with beautiful double track harmonies. Surprised nobody mentioned this one already?

Such a great song. Very underrated yet so good.

44 We Can Work It Out

How can this song be overrated if it hit #1 - westofohio

Way too underrated! Such a simple song, so catchy, I never get tired of listening to it - TheGameBoy815

One of the most underrated Beatles song

45 The Night Before

A great song with great vocals yet I never hear it mentioned much! A big shame!

This should be near the top if the list.

One of my favourite songs on help - SammySpore

46 Honey Pie

Great piece musically and lyrically.

47 Yes It Is

This is the only Beatles song I don't like. They are out of key. They tried to do another This Boy, and it didn't work - westofohio

Best beatles song in my opinion, shows off every members ability to harmonise and hit high notes, really catchy too!

48 Piggies
49 Mother Nature's Son
50 Baby, You're a Rich Man

Blue Jay Way isn't a good song. It just tries to use trivial effects to distract you from the garbage lyrics. The song goes nowhere and overstays its welcome. One of the worst songs on the entire album. Baby You're a Rich Man has great lyrics, a sampling of indian without caking the song with it, and a fun chorus. Superior to the pathetic Your Mother Should Know. Also, BLACKBIRD IS NOT UNDERRATED! It's considered one of the best songs on the white album, and the Beatles in general. I do agree with For No One though.

This is the (in my opinion) the best song on Mystery Tour, but doesn't seem to get much attention. (Hey Bulldog, It's All Too Much and Blue Jay Way all deserve to be in the top ten)

Lennon's falsetto is flawless. Just amazing.

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