Most Underrated Belinda Carlisle Songs


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1 Summer Rain Summer Rain

One of my personal favorite tracks by amazing Belinda - Irina2932

2 Circle in the Sand Circle in the Sand

One of her greatest songs ever. Maybe even the greatest but so underrated - Irina2932

3 La Luna La Luna

Nice song. Too bad it wasn't a huge hit - Irina2932

4 Live Your Life Be Free Live Your Life Be Free

I love this song and its video was gorgeous - Irina2932

5 Big Scary Animal

Should have been a huge international hit - Irina2932

6 Half the World Half the World

I love the arrangement and vocals on this magnificent ballad. I feel all the emotions Belinda put into this song. It's the best track on the Live Your Life Be Free album. - shari_the_desirable

7 Vision of You Vision of You

Very beautiful and touching ballad - Irina2932

8 California
9 Lay Down Your Arms
10 In Too Deep

I think Belinda is one of the most beautiful women in the world. As she matures, she looks so elegant and full of class.

Great song and the video was very interesting. Belinda looked so charming there - Irina2932

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