Most Underrated Black Sabbath Songs

The thing about Black Sabbath, they don't have filler songs. Unlike bands like Iron Maiden or AC/DC, they don't write songs just for the sake of completling an album. Every song is unique and interesting in its own way. I really admire that. So I created a list of songs that never got the fame it deserved throughout the Ozzy era.

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1 Megalomania

This is overall a very well made song. The lyrics tell a story about a man with a mental condition (megalomania) and is struggling over control of his mind. This song goes through a lot of tempo changes, it starts out slow but progresses until it becomes a heavy metal song we all love. Like most of the album, this song was overlooked because of the two albums that were released after it. It's a shame really.

My favourite Sabbath album. Loads of great songs. I don't think ozzy is capable of singing many of them now.

2 Hand of Doom

The only track off of Paranoid to make the list, coming as low as number ten too... This is a really quiet and gentle song about heroine, until about halfway through. That's when it picks up and becomes heavy. And that's what I like about this song, Bill Ward softly plays his drums and Geezer Butler does his thing on the bass that sets the perfect atmosphere. This song actually isn't that underrated, but we're still down here and it should be a lot more respected.

No nothing from Paranoid is Underrated - christangrant

This is top 5 Black Sabbath songs for me

Their best

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3 The Writ

Sabotage is unfairly obscure. It's my personal favorite with only Symptom of the Universe getting any credit. Everyone was at their finest in this album, ESPECIALLY Ozzy Osbourne. His vocals were so powerful and dominant in his later years of Sabbath. This song is a prime example! You can feel the emotion in his voice, it's very strong. There's plenty of tempo and riff changes throughout the song that really added to the mood. Oh, and there isn't a guitar solo either. Usually that would be regarded as a bad thing (St. Anger... ), but the song still really holds up. There's just so much things going on throughout the track that it isn't even necessary! This song is outrageously underrated, they haven't even played it live! If you haven't heard this song yet, please, give it a try.

4 Sabbra Cadabra

Experimental? Well, yeah... Does that make it a bad thing? Absolutely not! Sabbra Cadabra was released on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, so what can you expect? The band was trying new things. This song uses something called a moog synthesizer which distorts the guitar to make this funky-sounding noise. It worked well. They were being subtle with it and not using it too frequently. It's also interesting to note that Metallica covered this song and mixed it with A National Acrobat. They chose a good song to cover.

Underrated for sure. so damn catchy to - SoldierOfFortune

5 Warning

Yes, I know. It's a cover. I'm well aware of that. But that doesn't stop Sabbath from adding their own style into the song. I love the chorus of this better with Ozzy's vocals, it's just more suiting. But the REAL interesting part of this track is the instrumental bridge they added in the middle. Tony Iommi just goes crazy during that part! It doesn't really even sound like it's written, it's like Tony just decided to go jamming and that's what it ended up as. It's very impressive and I love every moment of it.

This is a cover song, kind of ridiculous when there are so many underrated Sabbath songs which they actually wrote THEMSELVES.

This. I absolutely love this song! It really baffles me how it is never mentioned anywhere...

6 Killing Yourself to Live

This to me was the best song on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath but its not underrated its more Overlooked because of the Title track - christangrant

Agreed. This is the best song off Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. - Gg2000

This song's riff is amazing, truly an underrated song

7 Never Say Die

This is a really up-beat and peppy song, I can just imagine how fun it would be to hear it live. This album was Black Sabbath's lowest point before Ozzy left. Apparently, the sorta shadows the album. But it really isn't that bad of an album, especially the song. This is also Ozzy's last studio album before he quit... Until 13 that still hasn't been released.

The only song from thiis album I have heard and probally the only one I'll like - christangrant

8 Headless Cross

Just Iommi at his best

9 After Forever

This song is about what will happen after death, whether you're religious or not. I really like the riff in this song. That was one of Black Sabbath's biggest talents, writing riffs. They've made so much influential riffs that formed metal, but I'm preaching to the choir. Overall, this is a nice piece of art that Sabbath made, I like it.

10 Zero the Hero

One of the best after Ozzy songs

The Contenders

11 Tomorrow's Dream

There's a certain part of this song that I REALLY like. There's guitar riff somewhere around 0:40 that I simply adore. The chorus could be better though, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest because that riff really gets to me... So this song deserves a place on this list.

12 Dirty Women

This song is played often at concerts, but still isn't regarded as popular as others among fans. I think they only play this song live so women will flash their boobs in the audience, Tony you dog! But it's a very neat song and it grew on me. There's a couple of songs that I really like that I never really used to. Supernaut, A National Acrobat, and this have in particular.

13 Under the Sun / Every Day Comes and Goes
14 Looking for Today

This is one of those songs that you can't really explain why you like it. It's just really well played and organized. This was Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, a very experimental album, so they decided to add a flute. It surprisingly fit well. And that's pretty much all I have to say, it deserves more attention.

15 Lord of This World
16 Trashed
17 Neon Knights
18 Rusty Angels
19 End of the Beginning

Probably the newest underrated song from Black Sabbath

20 Anno Mundi

This is a masterpiece! So Criminally underrated... sadly - MoeinTPS

21 The Thrill of It All
22 Lady Evil

Are you kidding me it has a great riff and solo along with well done lyrics and vocals.

23 Master of Insanity

Was their seriously not any dio songs on this list proves how underrated dio is - christangrant

24 Dear Father
25 Country Girl
26 Shock Wave
27 Selling My Soul

The two studio tracks on Reunion are often overlooked. These songs are nearly 15 years old now and in my opinion are classics. Selling My Soul sounds like it could have come straight off Vol. 4 or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

28 Am I Going Insane (Radio)

This is overrated - christangrant

29 Killing Yourself to Live

Its already on the list - christangrant

30 Embryo

Uh... this is just a 40 second intro - christangrant

31 Air Dance

One of the best progressive rock/metal riffs of all time! Highly underrated.

32 Jerusalem
33 Devil and Daughter
34 Forbidden
35 Danger Zone
36 Loser Gets It All
37 The Fallen
38 What's the Use
39 St. Vitus Dance
40 Disturbing the Priest
41 Children of the Sea
42 TV Crimes
43 Loner
44 Die Young
45 Buried Alive
46 Voodoo
47 Letters from Earth
48 After All (The Dead)
49 Born Again
50 Falling Off the Edge of the World

One of the greatest metal works, and no one know it here!

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