Most Underrated Bond Movies


The Top Ten

1 Licence to Kill
2 Moonraker

Interesting storyline, nice acting, nice humor, great action, superhot and superbeautiful Bond Girl, awesome visual effects - Alexandr

3 A View to a Kill
4 The World Is Not Enough

Yes,Denise Richards is terrible and Jones is totally uneccessary...but you know,Xmas wasn't a chracter,she was an afterthought,they obivously thought about the brilliant character of Elektra...but cut out xmas entirely and the completely wrong ending with her,and that boring submarine finale well I damn LIKE the movie.
Number one reason? Elektra KING! SO SO SO BRILLIANT.Marceau shines in a role,has a sizzling chemistry with Brosnan and just steals every scene she is in.Aside the completely unncessary Christmas(yawn) Jones the weakness I can find is that some action scenes seem to be there for pure sake of it.The snow chase and caviar factory action sequence are totally unnecessary in my opinion.Aside the boat chase none of the actions really thrills,it just seems to be there because there just NEEDS to be action.But Elektra is so terrific...the thing I can't past though is Christmas Jones-not only because they casted ex Mr. Charlie Tiger Blood Winning Sheen.The director himself ...more

5 Octopussy
6 The Man With the Golden Gun
7 Never Say Never Again
8 Die Another Day
9 The Living Daylights
10 Quantum of Solace
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