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1 Stronger

Iconic song... Deserves to be on top of every chart... No doubt it is britney spears most successful song... I consider it a signature of pop - britz_mbh

Deserved better success on charts - Irina2932

As Stephanie McGrath of Jam! says, Stronger is "every bit as good as *Nsync's 'Bye, Bye, Bye' or The Backstreet Boys' 'The One'." I'm sure many people agree with this.

Love this song. Brings back childhood memories

2 Overprotected

This is actually one of my favorite up-tempo songs from her and my favorite off the Britney album. I think it is even better than some of her classics.

My favorite song! I don't know why this song was underrated, this song is catchy and no boring

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3 Autumn Goodbye

Anyone know this song?

4 Lucky
5 Slumber Party

No no no you and I I I... Slumber Party! QUUUEENN!

This is th best song ever... I know Britney.. sh has a plan fr everything sh does

6 Born to Make You Happy

No one outshines this song to date

This song is so beautiful and quite timeless really

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7 Piece of Me

Should've been a huge international hit - Irina2932

8 Anticipating

My favorite song by the album "Britney" is a very underrated song. - Gorre17

9 Ooh la La
10 Criminal

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11 E-Mail My Heart
12 Shattered Glass
13 Break the Ice

Though this song was successful and made the Top 20, I still feel like it gets overlooked and forgotten because it was released at a difficult period in Britney's career when her personal life was receiving more attention than her work. It is a great song.

Could've gone a lot further, only the video didn't really make sense, and when it came out, that was when
Britney was going through tough times.

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14 Outrageous

This track was going to be lead single from In the Zone. It ended up being released fourth. The song didn't get the support from a high production music video due to a knee injury that prevented Britney from finishing it. That injury seemed to start the demise of great Britney dance performance.

15 Someday (I Will Understand)

She wrote the beautiful lyrics all by herself and even co-produced the song. There's no autotune in it and it shows her true voice. The is the song that truly shows Britney Spears' potential as an artist. She's a hidden gem that is yet to be fully discovered. The general public needs to know that she's more than just a sex-kitten icon. This song fits the bill.

I think this song came out at a strange time and didn't get noticed, but it is one of her best ballads ever. Anyone who thinks she can't write her own songs = listen to this gem.

She wrote this for her son, this is one of the sweetest songs she had! Every mother can relate to this, she should have gotten so much more credit for this!

This is the sweetest and more heartfelt song ever.

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16 I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)
17 My Baby V 1 Comment
18 Get Naked (I Got a Plan)

This song is better than most of the songs coming out in 2017 I absolutely love it!

Why is get naked not on the list? It's beautiful in a very dark sensual way. You can hear innocence, pleadingness, and demanding tones from her vocals in here.

Take it off. Take it off. Take it off.
Her sexist song ever

19 (You Drive Me) Crazy
20 Cinderella
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