Most Underrated Bruce Willis Movies

The Top Ten

1 Die Hard 2 - Die Harder

The most overlooked part in this great franchise - Alexandr

2 Striking Distance

Very cool movie from 1993 - Alexandr

3 Last Man Standing

Best movie ever to have the stars be 1911 semi autos!

One of my favorite films by Willis - Alexandr

4 Bandits

One of his best since 2000 - Alexandr

5 Unbreakable

Unique story about unbreakable man. - Alexandr

6 The Story of Us

Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. WOW - Alexandr

7 Mercury Rising
8 Blind Date
9 Color of Night
10 Tears of the Sun

The Contenders

11 Hudson Hawk
12 Over the Hedge
13 Armageddon

People generally don’t give this movie much credit, due to the silliness in it. I think the silliness contrasts the intense moments giving it a roller coaster feel. I’ve watched this film 20+ times and it never gets old.

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