Most Underrated Bryan Adams Songs


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1 Here I Am

I really adore this song - probably the best Adams song since 2000 - Irina2932

The best song ever. Definitely deserves more fame than it has. Has incredible lyrics and an insane tune.

2 All for Love
3 Heat of the Night

Another great but very underrated track from the 80's - Irina2932

4 Open Road

Beautiful but so overlooked - Irina2932

5 Hearts on Fire

Best song on into the fire album! Bryan Adams Always keeps it real for his fans. It is really brilliant!

6 Diana
7 There Will Never Be Another Tonight

Best song after "everything I do ( I do it for you. )

8 I Will Always Return
9 Back to You
10 Nowhere Fast

The Contenders

11 One Night Love Affair

Great song from his greatest album 'Reckless' - Irina2932

12 House Arrest
13 Christmas Time

I don't think why this so underrated but it's also the best songs by Bryan adams

14 Getaway
15 Wastin Time
16 Star
17 Hey Elvis
18 Cloud Number Nine
19 Only the Strong Survive
20 It Ain't a Party (If You Can't Come Round)
21 Take Me Back
22 You Can't Take Me

Very Catchy tune, would definitely put it n the top 5

23 Walk On By

It's a brilliant piece of music.

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