Most Underrated Christina Aguilera Songs


The Top Ten

1 You Lost Me

It is the album's best song, I think even than Bionic's lead single Not Myself Tonight.

Great ballad and amazing vocals

2 Oh Mother

I cannot believe that this song doesn't get the recognition that it so rightly deserves. It is so emotional and meaningful. The words are raw and her vocals just mesmerizing. I wish Christina Aguilera would do more songs like this; for this so obviously where she excels.

This song is beyond beautiful and it is so inspiring. I'm so glad that she opened up to us on this song, she is so strong

3 Lift Me Up

This song is so underrated! One of her best songs on her album Bionic, no doubt. A very powerful and beautiful ballad, you must hear this.

4 Just a Fool
5 Candyman

What? Her debut is so OVERRATED. Back to basics is way underrated, is her best work next to Stripped! Candyman is just amazing.

I still can't believe this catchy track wasn't #1 on charts. - Irina2932

6 Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)

My favorite Christina song from her debut album. This track should have been as big as "Genie in a Bottle". And the video was very nice - Irina2932

It should have been more popular like genie in a bottle I think she did a really good job on this song. - Cutiepie4803

7 The Voice Within
8 I Turn to You

Wonderful ballad which deserved more publicity. It's still one of Aguilera's greatest songs - Irina2932

9 Not Myself Tonight

Not really sure why people didn't give this song a chance. We all know she can sing, but she took a big risk in experimenting with a new sound for her. I give her credit for that. And I love when this one comes on in the club.

I Think because of Britneys success, Nobody wanted to give this song a chance. I think they just thought that it was´┐Ż'nt so good.

10 Your Body

The Contenders

11 Slow Down Baby

I love this track it should have been a single, the best thing about it is the sass

12 Birds of Prey

I'm so glad someone put this on the list. This song is so underrated and at the same time is so good! And no offense, but in my opinion, I don't think that Not Myself Tonight should even be on this list... It's the lead single of Bionic!

I think it's one of her best and I really regret that this one is so unknown.. It's so different.. I like the beat and the dark feeling of the song. I like Bionic because of this pearl.

13 Express
14 Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti
15 Keeps Gettin' Better
16 Love for All Seasons

One of the best and most underrated songs from her debut album and of her career! It never seemed to get the same amount of attention of other songs.

17 Falsas Esperanzas
18 Can't Hold Us Down
19 Soar
20 Infatuation

I love how she had English and Spanish in the song

Underrated as. One of her best in my opinion. - mood333

21 Dynamite
22 Still Dirrty
23 Walk Away

This ballad is so beautiful and amazing, one of the best on Stripped, no doubt!

24 Cruz
25 Makes Me Wanna Pray

I think it wasn't successful because it's not very pop so not enough people will listen to it

26 Mercy On Me
27 Sex for Breakfast
28 Blank Page

Her new ballad is so beautiful and nobody cars about it! Very underrated.

29 So Emotional
30 All I Need
31 Save Me From Myself
32 That's What Love Can Do

It's just simply amazing

33 Underappreciated
34 I Got Trouble
35 Cease Fire
36 Make Me Happy
37 Loving Me 4 Me
38 Elastic Love

Totally Underrated!

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