Most Underrated Christina Aguilera Songs


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21 Still Dirrty
22 Walk Away

This ballad is so beautiful and amazing, one of the best on Stripped, no doubt!

23 Makes Me Wanna Pray

I think it wasn't successful because it's not very pop so not enough people will listen to it

24 Sex for Breakfast
25 Blank Page

Her new ballad is so beautiful and nobody cars about it! Very underrated.

26 So Emotional
27 Cruz
28 All I Need
29 Save Me From Myself
30 That's What Love Can Do

It's just simply amazing

31 Underappreciated
32 Mercy On Me
33 I Got Trouble
34 Cease Fire
35 Make Me Happy
36 Loving Me 4 Me
37 Elastic Love

Totally Underrated!

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