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41 The Jungle Book

This movie is pretty underrated, even though lots of people (including me) love it.

42 A Bug's Life

Dude, do you see the logo on the top of the image next to Pixar? ITS Disney. THIS IS A Disney MOVIE.

This movie isn't by Disney and it isn't underrated (although it isn't talked about as much except when you say it is one of Pixar's first feature films).

43 Angels In the Outfield
44 The Parent Trap (1998)
45 Winnie the Pooh
46 Lady and the Tramp
47 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

I know a lot of sequels are terrible but, this is probably one of the best sequels I have ever watched it has some darkness like the old movie.

48 Big Hero 6

I wish people would re-direct the blame for this movie being underrated to "The Lego Movie". If it weren't for that one coming out first, this movie may very well have seen "Frozen" levels of success or at least come much closer than it did.

Could someone please tell me why "The Lego Movie" is being praised all over the place and this isn't?

I'm not a Frozen fan-brat, just someone who's grown even more bored with all the complaining about Frozen than with the movie itself and does not condone making fun of people no matter what they do or how much they "deserve it". That said, the overhype of Frozen was but one of four big reasons this movie is underrated. Another was, as others pointed out already, The Lego Movie coming out the same year. The third was Zootopia and how it quickly and sadly eclipsed *everything*. Last but not least and as has also been pointed out, is the way the SJW crowd embraced and praised this movie to high heaven solely because of the titular team's ethnicities and the fact that the bad guy was a white dude.

The lego movie might be my favorite animated movie, but this film deserves some love definitely. I wouldn't say it was overshadowed completely (saw a lot of baymax at my trip at Disneyland) but it is definitely a tad underrated - Phillip873

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49 The Finest Hours


50 Candleshoe
51 Song of the South

People who say this is racist are complete morons.

52 Melody Time
53 Lilo & Stitch

Best Disney movie

I used to think this movie wasn't really underrated, but now I realize...
It's 90% underrated, and 10% Stitch.

54 Newsies

Newsies is my favorite movie/musical of all time. It is sadly so underrated and considered "dull" but the characters, the plot, the history, the dancing, the music... It's magical. Newsies teaches us all a lesson, gives us a bit of our history, shows emotion and life, while having great musical numbers that everyone enjoys.

I really love Newsies. I am actually listening to the music as I am writing this comment!

This movie is so underrated. - spongebobssister

Never seen this. Sounds dumb.

55 Teacher's Pet

This is, without a doubt, the BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER. Yep, said the girl who perivously thought Zootopia was the best Disney Movie ever.-Feesuka Minudaka

This is my all time favourite disney movie. everything about it is so wonderful, from the beautiful animation to the hilarious characters and catchy songs. and how could you not love spot and leonard's friendship? I wish disney promoted this movie more.

56 Tuck Everlasting

Probably the most underrated Disney movie I've ever seen. This one is great.

57 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

This movie got a serious amount of undeserved hate. Maybe it was just me, but it beat out the first film in spades. Time was a compelling character, and not making him a villain, but more of a victim of circumstance was a sweet surprise. The visuals were colorful and pleasing, and the movie took unexpected turns I quite enjoyed.

I watched this, and I have to admit it was batter than the first. But people think because it's better than the first, it's a good movie. Nope. Both are crappy, this one is just a tiny step up.

58 Bambi II

WHY IS THIS SO LOW? This should be in the top 50 - Hanasaki

59 Mulan

How can this be underrated when "I'll Make a Man Out of You" has far too many videos and people singing it all the time (and this was the case even before "Frozen" was so much as a script) and Mulan herself is the only female Disney character anybody's allowed to like at all besides Tiana and Esmeralda?

Wait! This Movie Underrated? HA! I Don't Think So.

This movie was epic but it deserved more praised

60 Saving Mr. Banks
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