Most Underrated Disturbed Songs


The Top Ten

1 Criminal

Definitely Disturbed's best underrated song. Very powerful and catchy chorus with great lyrics and great instrument harmony. In addition to the chorus, the overall song is badass, especially towards the closing sequence with the electric guitar whining in the background. - Aych

This their most underrated song ever!
This song should be in their top three best songs..
Just listen to it once you will fall in love with this song..
This song better then their song called Stricken.
So stop joking and give this sing its rightful place..
By:skull crusher antar

2 The Animal
3 Pain Redefined

This song has a really great chorus - christangrant

4 Voices
5 Meaning of Life
6 Warrior
7 Prayer
8 Deceiver
9 Sons of Plunder

A nice song which nobody seems to know about or play at all. Very underrated.

10 Enough

The Contenders

11 Haunted
12 Perfect Insanity
13 Never Again
14 Remember

This song is probably Disturbed's most underrated song. I had never even heard of it until I came to this list. This song has awesome verses and one of the most beautiful Choruses ever produced by Disturbed.

15 Liberate

This one song is of enough quality to buy an album on its own. Such a masterful tone in the guitarwork and the change from agressive verse to melodic chorus is brilliant.

16 Shout 2000
17 Facade

This is so underrated man, the replay button just can't handle it.

18 Fear
19 Guarded
20 Violence Fetish

Really unique song, way underrated

21 Avarice
22 3

A lot of the other songs a lot of people have heard of, but 3 is so good and no one really knows about it.

23 Crucified
24 The Game
25 Mistress
26 Awaken
27 Intoxication
28 Darkness
29 Sacrifice
30 Overburdened
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