Most Underrated Dragonforce Songs

This is a list for Dragonforce songs that are amazing but are very underrated and deserve more attention.

The Top Ten

1 Inside the Winter Storm Inside the Winter Storm Cover Art

Absolutely. This killer song jumped from my least favorite song on Ultra Beatdown to my favorite on the album.

2 Above the Winter Moonlight Above the Winter Moonlight Cover Art

This song is a power metal masterpeice. - Caleb9000

3 Heartbreak Armageddon Heartbreak Armageddon Cover Art

I don't think many people even know this song exists. It's so good.

4 A Flame for Freedom A Flame for Freedom Cover Art
5 Evening Star
6 Black Winter Night
7 Storming the Burning Fields Storming the Burning Fields Cover Art
8 Prepare for War Prepare for War Cover Art
9 Trail of Broken Hearts Trail of Broken Hearts Cover Art


10 Chemical Interference Chemical Interference Cover Art

This song is amazing and one of their best and by far the most underrated - Rathernotbenamed

The Contenders

11 Heart of the Dragon
12 Cry for Eternity Cry for Eternity Cover Art
13 Die by the Sword Die by the Sword Cover Art

Die by the sword is so underrated! My favorite three all are, this Your not alone, and WAR! - Rathernotbenamed

14 You're Not Alone You're Not Alone Cover Art

This one is great and deserves so much more attention than it gets! - Rathernotbenamed

15 Scars of Yesterday Scars of Yesterday Cover Art
16 E.P.M.

Pure perfection. It even has the feeling of ZP saying goodbye to the band.

17 Through the Fire and Flames Through the Fire and Flames Cover Art
18 The Edge of the World The Edge of the World Cover Art

This is their longest and heaviest song, and my 3th favorite - DarkDamien

19 The Fire Still Burns The Fire Still Burns Cover Art
20 The Last Journey Home The Last Journey Home Cover Art
21 Dawn Over a New World
22 Reasons to Live Reasons to Live Cover Art
23 Cry Thunder Cry Thunder Cover Art
24 The Warrior Inside The Warrior Inside Cover Art
25 Lost Souls In Endless Time Lost Souls In Endless Time Cover Art
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