Most Underrated DreamWorks Movies Ever


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1 Forces of Nature

Not the best ever but still underrated and overlooked. Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck looked great together - Alexandr

2 She's the Man

Amanda Bynes proved that she is awesome in comedy genre. Very entertaining movie - Alexandr

3 House of Sand and Fog

Emotional drama with great cast - Alexandr

4 Evolution

It wasn't as popular as should have. Too bad, I wanted to see a sequel - Alexandr

5 Deep Impact

It was enough successful in the box office but received mixed and even negative reviews from critics and fans. I personally loved it - Alexandr

6 The Haunting

I can't hate this movie. Catherine Zeta-Jones was too much hot - Alexandr

7 Hollywood Ending

It's so hard to find even one bad film from Woody Allen. This one was good too - Alexandr

8 The Prince of Egypt
9 Munich

One of my favorite movies - great acting and superb directing - Alexandr

10 The Road to El Dorado

Best Movie Ever in my opinion!
Amazing animation for it's time,
Character so great ad well developed
And the best movie soundtrack I've ever heard!
So glad Elton John and Tim Rice had something to do with the project

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11 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

The box office ratings should've been like "Shrek" and it should've won the Oscar for best animated feature.

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12 The Stepford Wives

It wasn't as bad as critics said. Yes, original SW movie was better but at least they changed the ending in this one and it was way better - Alexandr

13 Shark Tale

I think this movie is really funny!

14 The Mexican
15 Real Steel
16 Antz

It's the only non-pixar All cgi movie to come out in the 1990's.

17 Home
18 Just Like Heaven

Nice and sweet movie. Should have been much bigger hit - Alexandr

19 The Time Machine
20 The Tuxedo
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1. Forces of Nature
2. She's the Man
3. House of Sand and Fog



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