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21 Old Shep
22 Rubberneckin'

When he sang this in Change of Habit he looked and sounded sexy as all get-out.

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23 The Ghetto
24 Kentucky Rain

I live in KY and find it being played on the radio when it rains. The back-up singers add just enough to Elvis vocals to make this one of my favorites. Several years after Elvis, Ronnie Milsap had a similar dilemma in Smokey Mountain Rain trying to find his girl. That's also a great song.

25 You'll Think of Me

B-Side to Suspicious Minds.

26 You'll Never Walk Alone

Perfect religious and uplifting song for any point in one's life.

27 You Gave Me a Mountain

Elvis recorded the best version of this song!

28 It's Over

I first heard him sing this over 35 yrs ago and it still pops in my head quite often

29 Young and Beautiful

Especially important in his film Jailhouse Rock, since his co-star Judy Tyler was in a fatal car crash with her husband right after the movie was finished. The last song in the movie was this one. Elvis refused to watch the movie after her death.

One of the best songs of presley's career

30 Stranger In the Crowd

This lesser known Elvis song grabbed me the first time I ever heard it.

31 Early Morning Rain

Love the tempo of this song. It just keeps movin with such a natural transition into the verses. Love it.

Love Elvis' version of Gordon Lightfoot's hit.

32 It's Easy for You

The other woman. This man knows that even though he has given up his family for her and has already been dumped by her for another man, that he'll take her back whenever she gives the word. Every word and note of this song blends with Elvis voice so perfectly that I can feel the resignation and deep sadness his love for her has cost him.

Beautiful song, one of my new favourites, his voice is very strong here

33 Edge of Reality

An unusual type of song for Elvis. His voice is top notch on this track and I wish more people could hear it. From the movie "Live a Little, Love a Little".


34 Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do
35 Return to Sender

Over the years I've found that a lot of people know and love this song. About 20 yrs ago I went to a party with a very diverse crowd. There was a karaoke machine and no one wanted to sing. I cranked it up and started singing Return To Sender and that was all it took to get the party started.

36 Love Letters
37 Tender Feeling

From his movie " Kissin' cousins". Not very well known ballad of Elvis, but one of my favorites.

38 Bossa Nova Baby

Energetic and fun.

39 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
40 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again

This Song is great and has some kind of nostalgic feeling that I can't describe. Such a shame this song gets overlooked often.

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